#LikelyScoops: Skincare To Protect Against Ageing Caused By Selfies

These days, more women have entered the workforce and are spending days in front of the computer screen. That’s not including the time spent in front of our phones snapping away at cute selfies.

Unfortunately, our beloved screens may not be as kind to our skin due to the fact that they emit blue light. This is a type of electromagnetic ray that causes your skin to age faster by breaking down collagen and increasing pigment production – some say at a faster rate than UV rays.

OMG! Thankfully, for selfie enthusiasts (and every hardworking woman out there), there is a solution. Skincare brands have created products to fight against this type of ageing, and one of them is the highlight of this week’s newest product launches. Read on to find out more about your best defence against digital ageing, as well as other products in this week’s curation.

1. ArctaPHOS Skincare Collection

Finally, a skincare collection that can help protect us from ageing caused by too much screen time (and way too many selfies). ArctaPHOS, whose name means ‘Northern Lights’ has a range of products formulated specifically to protect your skin against digital ageing and UV rays using Euro-Bio Technology. For example, the brand’s concentrates include natural plant extracts such as Bacillus Ferment from the deep ocean to achieve immediate lifting and firming effects.

2. Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation

The cult favourite brand whose all-nighter is one of the most coveted makeup setting sprays just announced it’s latest launch – the Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation. The medium-coverage product has a breathable, matte formula and comes in over 50 shades so everyone can find their own perfect match.

3. Pixi by Petra Retinol Tonic

Pixi just launched it’s most unconventional product – a retinol toner called ‘Retinol Tonic.’ The toner has all the hydrating benefits that one should have, coupled with the power of retinol, a vitamin A derivative. While retinol is usually found in anti-ageing creams, this toner promises to keep your skin moisturised with jasmine flower extract and hydrating glycerin.

4. Kylie Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Glaze

The world’s youngest self-made billionaire’s cosmetics company announced the launch of their Shimmer Eye Glaze, which is the perfect combination of a cream eye shadow and pressed powder shadow. The eye glaze is formulated with pigment and multifaceted pearls for maximum sparkle and shine, even in the summer. It’s available in four vibrant shades so go snag yourself some Kylie faves.

5. Fourth Ray Beauty Raydiate Bi-phase Elixir

It’s no secret that Vitamin C is probably the most coveted ingredient in the skincare market. While the name sounds pretty fancy, Fourth Ray Beauty’s newest product is actually a Vitamin C concentrate. The ascorbic acid formula is a mixture of serum and oil that protects your skin against UV damage while brightening your skin for a more luminous complexion.

6. ColourPop Orange You Glad Pressed Eyeshadow Palette

Level up your monochrome game with an orange palette your makeup collection so dearly needs this coral season. The summer monochrome palette features all brand new shades in 6 mattes, 2 metallics, and one pressed glitter. This long-wearing formula contains a unique combination of soft powders which adheres easily to the eyes and blends in seamlessly with your skin. Your lids will be glowing and sunkissed all summer long!