#LikelyScoops: LVMH, Versace, Vivy Yusof & More Brands Help Combat COVID-19 Crisis

As the fight to contain the pandemic rages on across the world, more and more of fashion’s most powerful brands are working to provide aid to the global medical community and to victims of the virus. Here’s hoping that soon more Malaysian brands will lend their support as the crisis continues to grow in the Malaysia.

1. LVMH 

After donating $2.2 million to the Red Cross in China last month, LVMH is continuing to aid in the fight against the coronavirus. On Sunday, the company announced that it would use its luxury perfume and cosmetics factories to produce free sanitizing gel for local hospitals and authorities in France. 

Louis Vuitton

“These gels will be delivered free of charge to the health authorities,” LVMH announced a statement. “LVMH will use the production lines of its perfume and cosmetic brands to produce large quantities of hydroalcoholic gels from Monday,”

France has now seen 120 deaths from the coronavirus as the pandemic spreads.

2. Versace, Donatella & Allegra Versace

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Donatella Versace and her daughter Allegra have announced they have donated €200,000 to help fight the coronavirus. The fashion designer, 64, took to Instagram on Friday to tell fans they had pledged the generous funds to the intensive care unit of Milan’s San Raffaele hospital.

Donatella Versace and her daughter Allegra

The pair, who live in the north Italian city, praised the work of medical staff and emergency services workers for their ‘heroic’ efforts as she made the £183,000 donation.

2. FashionValet, Datin Vivy Yusof

Datin Vivy Sofinas Yusof and Datuk Fadzarudin Shah Anuar

FashionValet founders Datin Vivy Sofinas Yusof and her husband Datuk Fadzarudin Shah Anuar have initiated a support fund to aid the Malaysian hospitals inundated with rising Covid-19 patients.

The FV Covid19 Support Fund will mobilise volunteers to help at health facilities, assist hospitalised or quarantined friends and front-liners and provide medical and general supplies to hospitals. The fund is set up in partnership with Imaret (Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia Response & Relief Team) which provides humanitarian aid relief for natural or manmade disasters under the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (Imam). Vivy, who is an Imaret goodwill ambassador, and Fadza have also made a personal donation of RM100,000 to support the cause. 

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We need each other more than ever right now. My husband @fadzaanuar and I, on behalf of @fashionvaletcom are organising a fundraiser to help with covid19. We've teamed up with @drmusanordin and @imaret_my who have been relentlessly helping many in need already. It all started when my husband and I decided to donate some portable airconds to hospital and then more and more people reached out to share conditions of their own hospitals. As covid19 cases rise, hospitals wont be able to cope so we need to act fast to get our hospitals ready and make the patients, staff and volunteers' lives as comfortable as possible. They are the frontliners combatting covid19 for us and this is the least we can do for them and our country. I hope you will take time to donate to the fund even a little bit, however your financials allow. You can donate via internet banking, credit card, whichever is easiest for you, by clicking the link in my bio. I also hope you can share this video to as many people as possible so more people can help. Time for us to be bigger than just ourselves, and may God bless you all for your help. So proud to be a part of this community. Thank you. ❤ *For more info on the fund and IMARET, please click link in my bio.

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3. Gucci, Marco Bizarri 

Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s president and chief executive officer, has made a personal donation of 100,000 euros to the Ausl IRCCS of Reggio Emilia, the entity gathering a range of eight hospitals in the Emilia Romagna region, to fight the coronavirus outbreak in the country. 

Marco Bizzarri

Bizzarri, who hails from the region, said “Our healthcare system, which is fighting against the COVID-19 emergency in these hours with extreme dedication and heroism, deserves the gratitude and support of us all’’. 

The announcement was made on Tuesday afternoon, before the Protezione Civile, the country’s civil defense, reported the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Italy climbed to 10,149 while overall 631 people have died from the disease.

4. H&M 

H&M has donated 500 thousand U.S. dollars to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Initiated to raise money to support prevention, detection and response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Fund has already received su-pport from Facebook and Google.

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Right now we're facing a situation that no one could really prepare for. In these times of uncertainty we’re following the advice from government and local authorities. We're adapting to ever-changing situations, and are truly grateful to have fantastic teams collaborating to support our customers, colleagues and partners all around the world. In response to the prevention and control of the disease outbreak, we have already, or will shortly, close many of our stores. In stores that remain open or are re-opened, we’re prepared to respond quickly to any emerging situation. We’d also like to share the good news that the non-profit @hmfoundation has donated 500,000 USD to the World Health Organization to help prevent the spread of this pandemic. Please stay safe and take care of one another, wherever you are. H&M

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The H&M Foundation’s donation will help the World Health Organization’s efforts to track and understand the spread of the virus, as well as help patients get the care they need.

“The growing COVID-19 pandemic affects us all and the World Health Organization is doing an extremely important job of leading and managing this global effort,” Karl-Johan Persson, board member of H&M Foundation, said in a statement.

5. Bvlgari 


Luxury watch and jewellery brand Bulgari has donated money to an Italian hospital to help find a vaccine to combat coronavirus.

Bulgari’s donation has allowed the purchase of a state-of-the-art microscopic image acquisition system, which will be fundamental in the development of an effective vaccination against the virus.

“We are honoured by the donation of Bulgari which will allow us to strengthen research on the developments of COVID-19 in such a delicate moment,” says Marta Branca, general manager of Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital. “I thank, in particular the CEO, Jean-Christophe Babin, for his commitment and his availability towards the Institute.”