#LikelyScoops: Huda Kattan Is Launching A Skincare Line, Huda Beauty Skin

Are you interested in skincare by Huda Beauty? Let us know what you think, and read on for more of this week’s cool AF launches.

1. Huda Beauty launches Huda Beauty Skin

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I was so nervous to share my skin journey with everyone, but I can’t even tell you guys how much better you have all made me feel about being vulnerable and honest! Your support has been soooo incredibly touching and I couldn't be more grateful and I am so excited for you guys to see what’s to come! And although I tried to make my skin look perfect with tons of makeup, it wasn’t something I felt proud of, and the pressure of being in my natural state felt like something that was so foreign to me! I can’t believe I’ve never done this, but I wanted to post a selfie with zero makeup & Facetune and I want to do it all the time now! In fact, I promise you guys on this page absolutely no filter & 100% no photoshop or Facetune will ever be used! I love you all so much. Be proud of yourself and the skin you're in, you're beautiful!

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Makeup entrepreneur Huda Kattan has just announced her latest drop – Huda Beauty Skin. In an Instagram post, Kattan herself mentioned that she suffered from cystic adult acne when she was 19, and before that, her skin had always been “super rough and uneven in tone and texture.”

“There were days I didn’t want to leave my house because my acne got so painful and bad.”

She started blogging and experimenting, which led her to discover methods that would help get her acne under control.

“My skin actually glows now.”

As of now, there has been no news of what are the actual products, but Kattan did give us a hint.

“We partnered with the top labs in Korea & Japan & created the most GENTLE but EFFECTIVE skincare products that are so clean, so natural, and almost no scent.”

Huda Beauty skin will launch on February 4, 2020. So let’s stay tuned!

2. /skin regimen/ enzymatic powder

/skin regimen/ has launched a water-activated exfoliant, a.k.a. the enzymatic powder. This exfoliating powder, when mixed with water, turns into a creamy and cleansing foam that desquamate dead cells, revealing a smooth and luminous skin. The /skin regimen/ enzymatic powder is activated to purify and re-oxygenate the skin to strip away dull complexion.

Packed with a top-notch trio of active-ingredients – chlorella, papaya and rice starch, the enzymatic powder is functions to remove skin impurities and reduce excess sebum.

3. Aveda Nutriplenish

Source: Aveda.com

Aveda’s latest collection of hydrating hair care products harness the power of superfoods to nourish hair. The Nutriplenish collection is an intensely hydrating, replenishing collection of shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners and hair oil.

These are formulated with omega-5-rich organic pomegranate oil, mango butter and organic coconut oil for lush, visibly healthy, manageable hair. The collection features 2 different hydration types – light and deep, for different hair textures and hydration needs.

4. Red Velvet Oreo

The only thing that can accompany your love for K-Pop girl group Red Velvet is the exclusive red velvet-flavoured Oreo, specially created for Chinese New Year. Sandwiched between cake-flavoured cookies is sweet cream cheese filling. Oreo Red Velvet is the perfect snack for CNY. This snack easily captures the Chinese New Year spirit with red cookies, which symbolize luck.

5. Amazin’ Graze A Better Me Bundles

Are you building a better version of yourself this year, and tbh every year? Healthy snacks brand Amazin’ Graze has the perfect way to plan out your year, with A Better Me Bundles of wholesome snacks and goodies. The Amazin’ Start Right bundle includes Blueberry Goji Granola, Antioxidant Berry Trail, fitness passes to curated gyms, and Mossery x Amazin’ Graze 2020 Planner, among other goodies.

PS: We’ll be at the grand opening party for Sephora Fahrenheit 88! Stay tuned to our Instagram Stories to get an inside look into the beauty store’s first-ever beauty playground in Malaysia.