#LikelyScoops: Batik Boutique’s Calls Of Action For #FashionRevolution

Whether you’re busy looking for some light relief from the news or trying to perfect your beauty skills during your free time, this week is bursting with some new products that you need to know about—from launching a fashion revolution to new skincare release—these launches will guarantee to brighten up your day. 

1. Batik Boutique Supports The Worldwide Call To A Fashion Revolution With #WhoMadeYourClothes Campaign

During this time of restrictive movement, Batik Boutique continues to move forward to do their best to support artisans in Malaysia and would like you to join them and support local artisans and ethical brands. The latest release of Batik Boutique’s Call of Action For #FashionRevolution and Spring 2020 Collection available online. Offering a pop of colour that would brighten up one’s mood during these uncertain times.

(Source: Batik Boutique)

Join them by supporting Malaysian heritage; cheer up a friend by sending a Gift Care from Batik Boutique to say you’re thinking of them, or send these unique gifts to a colleague who is working remotely and need a bit of encouragement for their day or simply enjoy Malaysian heritage activities with the kids at home with Batik Boutique’s fun Batik Kit and Batu Seremban. 

“Batik Boutique believes that fashion can create opportunities to provide skills so that people can lift themselves out of poverty, create thriving communities, and fulfill their personal aspirations’’, says Amy Blair, Founder and CEO of Batik Boutique.

2. COTY Begins Production Of Hydro-Alcoholic Hand Sanitiser to Help Combat COVID-19 Virus 

Coty Inc. (NYSE: Coty) announced last week that they started producing hydro-alcoholic gel, which is used as hand sanitizer, to help combat the COVID- 19 virus. Production and donations are expected to reach tens of thousands of units per week. The products are free of charge and are being distributed to medical and emergency services staff who are facing shortages due to the fast-spreading COVID-19 virus. 

(Source: COTY)

“As a responsible beauty company, we make our resources and facilities available to help the communities we are operating in during these exceptionally challenging times,” said Pierre Laubies, Coty CEO. “We are proud to support the brave professionals fighting on the frontlines against COVID-19 by providing hand sanitizer where it is needed.”

3. Nutox Introduces New Youth Restoring Range For Sensitive Skin

Rashes, breakouts and itchiness, these are just some of the indicators of sensitive skin. When it comes to effective anti-aging skincare, many options do not address overlapping skin concerns. With this in mind, Nutox is introducing the new Nutox Youth Restoring Range, the revolutionary solution that caters to both anti-aging needs and sensitive skin. With zero compromises in one innovation, targeting two skin concerns, enriched with three signature anti-aging technologies for your sensitive skin.

(Source: Nutox)

Made to deliver the same level of anti-aging benefits as Nutox’s core products, the new Nutox Youth Restoring Range increases the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity without triggering skin irritation, making it safe and effective for sensitive skin. The products are meticulously formulated to be hypoallergenic & pH-balanced by incorporating gentler ingredients to protect skin barrier.

4. More Characters For ‘Pandora X Disney’ Charms Collections

We live for Disney collaborations, especially when they involve some of our fave brands. Which is why we were SO excited to hear that Pandora—everyone’s fave charm jewellery brand—has just dropped even more goodness into its Disney collection.

Now, the brand is celebrating the upcoming launch of the Mulan live action remake with a cute new charms dedicated to the star of the show, Mulan, and her little dragon mate, Mushu. Rediscover childhood heroes and find new sidekicks with charms that bring the spirit of each character to life with playful details and fun expressions.

Mulan Charm (Source: Pandora)

Mushu Charm (Source: Pandora)