Liam Hemsworth Admits His 10-Year Relationship With Miley Was A ”Stressful Experience”

After more than seven months filing for divorce from Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth reveals that living under a microscope ‘really got’ to him, but he’s now feeling ‘levelheaded’ and peaceful. 

“For a long period of time, it was very stressful, and it really got to me,” said Liam Hemsworth, 30. The Hunger Games star and ex-husband of Miley Cyrus, 27, opened up in the recent interview with Men’s Health about how he’s been able to find peace while also living in that spotlight. 

“Yeah, look, there are times when you want to lash out and say something…because from my point of view, the majority of the time things that are written about me are completely false. There are times when you want to speak up, and there are other times when it’s not worth it, because you’re just going to draw more attention to it, and then it’s better to just not think about it and let it all wash away.” 

Liam also reflected on disappointments when asked for lessons picked up during his twenties that he looks forward to carrying over to his next decade of life. 

These days, I don’t want to invest any more time in worrying about that sort of stuffI remind myself of what to appreciate now and to enjoy every moment as much as possible

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Honestly, the past six months… I’d say exercise and fitness is a big thing for me to just feel balanced and levelheaded,” he said. This is as close as Liam gets to mentioning Miley in the interview. He filed for divorce in August 2019, citing “irreconcilable differences,” shortly after she was seen making out with Brody Jenner’s ex, Kaitlyn Carter. The Aussie-born actor also opens up about how he underwent surgery while battling kidney stone. 

“I was vegan for almost four years, and then February of last year I was feeling lethargic. Then I got a kidney stone,” he said. “It was one of the most painful weeks of my life. I was doing press for ‘Isn’t It Romantic.’ But I had to go to the hospital and get surgery.” He then said things are “all good now,” but modified his diet to lower his risk of getting another kidney stone. 

Appreciating the little things. It’s something I always try to remind myself to do, especially in times that maybe things aren’t going the way I planned or the way I wanted things to go

Anyway, it is safe to say that Liam has now moved on and is in a  happy (& healthy) relationship ever since he started dating model Gabriella Brooks last year. Oh, he also reminds us to stay safe.. while in bed… shirtless.. 

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Happy Easter! Stay safe. Stay in bed.

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