Level Up Your ‘Gram Game In 2019 With These Accessories

Writer: Yeu-Gynn

It’s the finest details that make such a difference. You can take your outfit from basic to beautiful with the right type of accessories. These little extra pieces also make us feel a little bit more special, almost like a princess wearing her tiara. When selected carefully and purposefully, even the smallest accessory can tie your whole outfit together.

Just think about it – you could probably get away with wearing the same outfit more than twice, just as long as you style it differently each time. Sometimes minimal, sometimes bold, and always the embodiment of your inner fashion diva. Whether you’re a casual bracelet-wearer or a sucker for a wardrobe full of stylish pieces, these suggestions will make you want to ‘gram your OOTD all week long.

1) The minimalist necklace

We’ll start with the easiest – the minimalist necklace is such a keeper. They’re often subtle enough to be noticed, yet not too bold so you can even layer one necklace over another. Minimalist chokers of similar shades can be layered over a necklace too. You can personalize and add meaning your minimalist necklace with a birthstone or the initials of your name. Style these pieces with a white top for the ultimate level of Instagram-worthiness.

2) The multiple bracelets

Go hard or go home. The multiple bracelets trend has been spotted boldly circling the arms of runway models for recent fashion weeks. You can use this trend as a platform to experiment with your personal style. Play with textures such as beads, leather and tassel to jazz up that pretty wrist of yours. Sometimes it’s about how the colours and textures match, but other times it’s about how the bracelets and bangles clink together in harmony too. Wouldn’t multiple bracelets make such a theatrical outfit? Feel free to add a sense of adventure to your everyday basics with bracelets of multiple textures and colours.

3) The sophisticated hat

More than just a royal wedding staple, a sophisticated, well-made and tastefully patterned hat can add so much oomph to your outfit. It’s also one way you’re guaranteed to turn heads and be the centre of attention (if you really want to be!). There are so many types of hats that could make your outfit twice as adorable. Opt for a well-made beret to add an elegant French twist to your every day T-shirt and jeans staple. For sunny picnics at the park, pair your summer dress with a gorgeous sun hat – make sure the brim’s extra wide too!

4) The understated little bag

An understated little bag is often overlooked, but it’s such an easy way to add a touch of personality to even the most basic outfit. The trick is to match the right bag to the right occasion. Choose a trendy rattan bag for a casual brunch date with your girlfriends, and switch it up with a classy evening mini for your bestie’s black-tie wedding dinner. You can do so much with these little bags. Plus, they come in handy for your little necessities. A mini bag with a lipstick compartment? It’s a YES from us!

5) The adorable cat-ears headband

Ariana Grande wore cat ears in real life… so I wore cat ears in real life. They’re not just your regular Halloween piece. Beyond the scary costume season, you can find elegant, sparkly, and beaded cat ears. Bold, but it’s worth it – hear us out. If it’s eye-catching enough, your “ameowzing” headband can make a wonderful conversation-starter, especially at parties where you don’t really know anyone. Someone will probably walk by and comment, “Those cat ears suit you so well! Where did you get them?” Ta-da! You’ve automatically made a friend at a stranger’s party, and you didn’t have to say hello. That’s the magic of accessorizing boldy.

6) The stylish sunnies

These never go out of style! From the runway to the railway, these dark frames can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and keep you looking like a stylish diva (who knows what she’s doing) all the same. Sometimes a little bigger than your face, these ubiquitous pieces are as likely to be seen on the beach as they are at nightclubs. Choose tiny, Matrix-esque sunnies for a stylish day trip to the mall, and bring out the oversized pair for an exciting girls’ night out (only for photo-ops, of course!).

7) The one ring

Or a few rings, really! We’re all about the magic of layering here. Sure, you have functional rings like the engagement rings and wedding bands – but how many rings does it take to make a fashion statement? Here’s how you can layer on a few rings onto one hand. Yep, almost all five fingers. Your middle and pointer finger or ring finger (not both) should have the biggest pieces, and you can layer a smaller ring on top both of them. Adorn the rest of your fingers with minimalist pieces only, nothing too fancy, because you still want your fingers to look elegant, and not weighed down in the name of fashion. Use pieces with gemstones and pearls to add some colour and elegance to your overall look.

8) The modern statement earrings

Modern statement earrings are much-coveted pieces in the fashion world. They’re not difficult to style with any outfit either. Colour-wise, you really can’t go wrong with the classic gold or silver. The trick is to let your personality show through the earrings that you choose to match with your outfit. For example, you can adorn your ears with tassel earrings and pair it with a simple skater dress for a fun house party. These bold tassels add a party-like vibe to the entire outfit. Meanwhile, feel free to add a touch of sophistication to your little black dress with a bold pair of sterling silver earrings. Perfect for a fancy date night with your beau!

How do you style your outfit? Would you wear a cat-ears headband on a simple day out? Let us know in the comments. We love hearing from you!