Lauren Jauregui From Fifth Harmony Facing Backlash After Posting Anti-Vaccine Video

Few weeks ago, Vanessa Hudgens started off with her insensitive comments on the coronavirus pandemic, and now, Lauren Jauregui is following up. Damn, these ‘’celebs’’ never learn anything? 

The 23-year-old Fifth Harmony singer shared a video that suggested that COVID-19 aka Coronavirus was caused by the flu vaccine. “I’ve been saying this,” Lauren captioned the video on her Instagram account. “Freedom stripping. We’ll see what’s up when we wake the f—k up.” 

Well, as you guessed, she then received a ton of backlash from many, criticizing anti-vax theories. Fans of Lauren’s called for her to remove the video because not only is it a pretty messed up stance to have right now, but it also directly conflicts with what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is trying to tell the public

Jauregui also commented, “REAL AF,” on the account’s original post. The video itself covers a wide variety of topics related to the government’s suggestions for health, the coronavirus pandemic, vaccines, use of antibacterials and the media. After the backlash, Lauren hopped on Twitter to issue a hefty apology clarifying what she really thinks. Sigh, It felt like only a matter of time before another celebrity would publicly slip up during this isolation period. 

“I’m aware that I have a large platform and that it is easy to be misunderstood, so I hope this clears any mess up. Anyway, wishing you love, health and peace goodnight!” 

Oh by the way, here’s the full video. The woman in it is not only antivax, but she straight-up questions germ theory (you know, the idea that disease is caused by germs) and states that it is impossible to transmit a virus. About 7 of the 9 minutes are antiscientific misinformation.

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watch this until the end if you care about your children and the people around you. have you ever tried to wake up a dumb smart person before? if you have then I'm sure you can relate to the level of frustration that this woman is going through. A dumb smart person is somebody who is disconnected from the influence of consciousness and can't seem to use their common sense to connect the dots. In other words, they have already been moulded by the system, doesn't know how to use both side of their brain and subjected to the left brain programming. These people sometimes can be tittled as intellectual giant's or are on top of their academics, thus they are so arrogant and their head is so far up their ass that they will refuse to learn or listens to anything other than the educational system what taught them, or the mainstream media and science. This is their perception of the "norm"

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