Are Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Actually In Love?

Writer: Fly FM

A star is Born came out in October 5th but Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will probably be singing each other with praises and admiration until the end of time, for they have been fawning over each other in the press and award shows and the recent Gaga Las Vegas concert, for so long that I cannot remember a time or era when they did not know each other’s names.

In the months leading up to the film’s release, they’ve talked about how they fell in love. They’ve talked about how they grew to trust one another on set. They’re talked about sharing that fateful plate of leftover pasta. He lifted her veil. She held his hand. At first, it was touching. Now, it is mildly nauseating. Their public declarations of affection during the press run for A Star Is Born have been truly admirable.

But before you get a head of yourself, I think they personally connected, emotionally, and mentally, they simply clicked. I don’t think they are leaving their significant other for each other, but it does cause suspicions doesn’t it?

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