Ladies, Your Period Should Not Affect Your Mood At Work

We all have bad days.

Honestly, every visit from our little red sister causes a bad week. Our periods often come at the worst times, when you’re going on a holiday, on a girls’ night out, or at work. Most of us have to deal with it on a monthly basis at the place where we’re at most of the time – work. PMS symptoms differ for every woman. For some, we’re able to manage and appear normal, while others may experience a debilitating pain that’s more severe.

Here’s the reality, most women don’t take days off for our period, unless we really need to. We’re saving those days for when we’re legitimately sick. However, having your period should not affect your mood at work. We’ll list down the reasons why you shouldn’t show up at work with a dark cloud over your head – and let you know how to deal with these pesky period mood swings.

1. It’s about professionalism

Being moody when you’re on your period at your workplace may affect your professional relationships. Even if you didn’t mean it, your colleagues wouldn’t appreciate an easily irritable co-worker. Plus, you don’t want to be labelled as the girl who gets moody on her period. Whether you know it or not, your mood swings may cause your colleagues to walk on eggshells around you. Instead of lashing out, calmly reflect on the issue that’s pissing you off and see if it’s worth your energy. Gurlll we know it’s not you, it’s your period causing the mood swings!

2. It could cost you your working relationships

If you’re a superior who constantly lashes out at your juniors during the dreaded week, your juniors may deeply resent you, even though it’s not entirely your fault. Resentful juniors and colleagues may not get things done as easily, especially when you need their help in projects or so. Don’t let your period mood swings cost you these valuable working relationships. Anyway, mood swings isn’t just about being irritable – sometimes you may get sad or angry for minor reasons. Plug into your earphones and blast your favourite songs to get those happy hormones flowing! You’ll feel a tad bit better.

3. It could get in the way of your success

Once your mood swings cost you your professional relationships, your career may hit the tank. You may not know it now, but your bad mood swings may be remarked upon in your performance evaluation. Being difficult to work with may not fit the company culture either, even if it’s just for a week. People don’t often remember the hundreds of good things you’ve done, but they’ll remember one bad thing forever. Keep that in mind. If you feel terrible, don’t wallow in that pit of self-pity. Get up, put some makeup on, and survey that gorgeous girl in the mirror. If you can look fab while you’re on your period, you can surely feel just a little bit fab. Eat some chocolate too – they’re guaranteed mood boosters!

4. You could use your period cycle to your advantage

Get to know your cycle so you’d know when is the best time for you to get work done. If it’s possible, meet most of your deadlines before your period begins. Oh, so efficient — but really, you just want to avoid a period week loaded with deadlines. Meanwhile, being on your period can make you a better organizer. Use this newfound trait to get organized and review your upcoming tasks. It’s time to Marie Kondo those mood swings out of your career ladder!

5. You don’t want to be labelled as the “period lady”

Imagine if your colleague starts to ‘act up,’ when she’s on your period. While you may attempt to be understanding at first, you’d get tired of this colleagues behavior after a few consistent months, especially if you’re working on a project together and it directly impacts your professional career. You don’t want to be the brunt of someone else’s PMS symptoms, nor do you want to be that kinda person. If you start to feel irritable for minuscule reasons, take a deep breath and count to ten. Make a cup of hot chamomile tea to calm yourself and your possible period cramps.

We don’t choose to have periods, but you can’t let some blood get in the way of your success. It’s just one week, albeit slightly more painful and emotional than usual. However, if you suffer from longer and more painful periods, you ought to go to the doctor’s and get it checked out. Show up at work, glow up, and be professional. You can do it, darling. We believe in you.