Ladies, Prep For Winter Season With “Sea Glass” Nail Art

Winter is coming… in a good way! Our nails have one way of telling us with the latest manicure trends.

Sea glass nail art is the trendiest manicure style right now as autumn turns to winter. This nail art style is like the sophisticated older sister of the jelly nails trend, and we’re totally in awe.

Before you decide on your new sea-glass style manicure, perhaps you wouldn’t mind finding out what’s the best nail shape for your current nail length. Trust us, you’ve got more options besides round and square.

Inspired by jelly nails in the 90s

Sea glass is basically a type of chemically-weathered glass found on beaches, along with the bodies of saltwater. Basically, if you’re at the beach, you can probably pick it up somewhere. And now, someone has found a way to translate these iconic works of nature into nail art.

US-based pro nail artist Jessica Washick spoke to Refinery29 about sea glass nails, which was in fact, inspired by the 90’s vibing jelly nails. She said:

“I was reminiscing about how fun the jelly-nail craze was. I wondered how that aesthetic could translate into the colder months, and the vision of opaque sea glass came to mind.”

Despite having “glass” in it’s name, sea glass nails are typically matte. Sea glass nails are typically finished with a clear matte topcoat, although some manicurists may finish them off with a bit of sheen. It’s similar to the jelly nail art trend with a matte twist.

The sea glass technique explained

One way to achieve sea glass nails is to apply your coloured nail polish first, followed by a clear topcoat, and finish it off with a matte top coat for the ultimate sea glass look.

The two top coats will diffuse off one another, creating a frosty finish that’s bound help you Let It Go like Elsa’s superpowers. Who knows – maybe you’ll be magical enough for a snowman to come to life.

Most sea glass nails are done in different hues of blues, greens or both. Basically, these nails are done in the colours of the sea. If you’re a fan of the ocean (but who isn’t, really), this trend is one you should get on board with.