Ladies, Here’s How To Celebrate Raya In The Most Boujee Way

Raya is almost here, y’all. We can’t help being excited at the prospects of going back to our hometown and spending time with our families.

People are using all sorts of methods to go home – from flying to driving, and even renting a helicopter. If that’s not boujee, we don’t know what is.

Meanwhile, if you can’t resist it, here’s how you can have a boujee Hari Raya, ladies.

1. Rent a helicopter to balik kampung

We’re not kidding! You can actually rent a helicopter from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bahru for RM30,000. Hazmi Dimasyq Group provides the service and they’ve had 11 bookings to date. Avoid the jam, and you don’t have to argue with your husband about who is driving all the way home and back again.

2. Bring more than 5 pairs of baju raya, so you have options.

If you bring just two pairs to balik kampung with you, how will you know if you have options? Sometimes, the whole family wants to take a picture so you need to make sure you stand out from everyone else. It’s better to over-pack than to under-pack anyway. You can lend your baju to someone in need too.

3. For cat moms everywhere, dress up your cat too

Almost every family has a cat mom (or dad), so make sure your pets get dressed up too. Who knows? Maybe they’ll receive duit raya for being so exceptionally adorable! DIY a little baju raya or simply dress up your kitties in something celebratory. Being boujee pays off.

4. Dazzle your relatives with everything bedazzled

Nothing can get more boujee than a touch of sparkle. Check out the world’s most expensive hijab – it retails for RM50,000 and every detail of it is embellished with Swarovski crystals. Wishlist! If you can’t imagine spending so much on a hijab, remember to sparkle, sparkle, sparkle with bedazzled baju and sampul raya.

5. Be the ‘rich’ aunty

If you’re the baller aunty, you need to prove it. To win the Raya Kids’ Choice Awards, make sure your duit raya is at least RM10 for every child. You know what they say, the rich aunty is always the fam favourite.

6. Get a personal MUA to touch up your makeup

What’s more extra than a personal MUA? If Kim Kardashian brings @makeupbymario everywhere with her, then you can probably bring your own MUA back for Raya too. You’ll have touch-ups pretty often so you’ll be looking extra fresh and matte throughout the day. From the first house in the morning to the last in the evening, you’ll serve looks at everyone’s Raya open house.

Speaking of Kim, her BFF Paris Hilton will soon launch Glam App, which is like Grab, but for beauty services. Instead of booking for a ride, you’re booking for beauty treatments and the therapist will come over to your house. Thanks, Paris!

Selamat boujee Hari Raya, everyone! Stay safe on the road and maaf zahir batin. Check out some melt-proof Raya makeup tips, and watch this video on how to get the very best Raya makeup look.