Kylie Jenner Under Fire For “Handmaid’s Tale” Party

Kylie Jenner came under fire once again for throwing her BFF Anastasia “Stassi” Karanikolaou a theme party based on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’

According to Kylie’s Snapchat and Instagram story, the party guests and Kylie herself excitedly dressed up in the red handmaid’s costume and white bonnets. Then, the beauty mogul and self-professed Handmaid’s Tale fan greeted her guests with a hearty “Praise be, ladies!”

“Praise be, ladies.” – Kylie Jenner

If you didn’t read the book or watch the series, we’ll fill you in with all the deets. Basically, The Handmaid’s Tale is a drama series based on Margaret Atwood’s novel about a dystopian world in which women are controlled and oppressed by the elites.

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The book is a friendly read and the series is certainly quite depressing. You’d think it was set in the past but the situation seems possible in the future too. It’s set in a world where women are being enslaved for the purpose of reproduction. They are known as the handmaids and they do not have names. They’re also dressed in red, which is a symbol of oppression.

In both the book and the series, women are subjected to monthly rapes to conceive a child. It’s no wonder why fans are not happy with Kylie Jenner’s theme party. Most felt like Gilead is not suitable for a theme party as it celebrates enslavement, oppression and rape. The Handmaid’s Tale should not be a glorified story, but it should be a cautionary tale of what the future would be.

We have reached out to Kylie’s team on this issue, but she has not commented at the present time.