Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash After Revealing Only 13% Of Her Employees Are Black

Uh oh, Kylie Jenner is facing backlash for the lack of diversity at Kylie Cosmetics after revealing only 13 percent of her employees are Black. 

The million dollar cosmetics company participated in an initiative by a number of beauty brands to determine the racial diversity of their employees. While the 22-year-old’s company headquarters is made up of 100 percent women-identifying workers, its number of Black employees is startlingly low. In the statement shared on Instagram, it was revealed that 47 percent of its employees are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color), 53 per cent are white—which makes it overall of ”100 percent women-identifying”. 

Upon sharing the results, the company wrote in the caption of their Instagram post, “Kylie Cosmetics is here for Pull Up for Change, for our team, and for the Black community. We are proud of the diversity within our company, with a team of Black, White, Asian, Native American, Hispanic and Middle Eastern women. As our team grows we commit to a continued focus on ethnic diversity in the workplace and the recruitment of Black employees.”

While some fans were thankful for Kylie Cosmetics’ transparency and pledge to do better in hiring Black employees, the others were quick to call out Kylie for the low number of employees who identify as black, with one person asking: ‘’13 per cent? Hire more!’’. Clearly, 13% is not enough when African Americans set the trends and standards in the beauty industry. 

Someone else wrote, ‘’Only 13% black? Damn. Also only all being women identifying isn’t that progressive,’’ another added. One commenter noted that she “Still more than 50% is white. You can do better.” Yup, cmon’ Kylie. You can do better.