Korean Superstar Hyolyn Reveals The Truth Of Her Large Celtic Tattoo

Dubbed the Beyonce of Korea, Kim Hyo-jung better known as Hyolyn, is a 28 year old South Korean singer who is set to perform in Kuala Lumpur on the 28th of June 2019 at Menara PGRM.

This is her second time performing in KL, her first being the PUMA CaliTravelog Party held in Sentul Depot a couple of months back. Her song titled “Dally” quickly became a hit when it was released sometime last year and her latest release “You Know Better” is pretty hot right now!

With 2.1 Million followers on Instagram, this Korean superstar is more than meets the eye. Here are 5 things you may not know about Hyolyn. Fans of Hyolyn, time to check if you’re the ultimate Hyolyn fan!

1. You can call her “Hyolyn” & “Hyorin”

Did you know that if you Google Hyorin…Hyolyn’s profile would show up? In fact, even fans had a debate on whether it’s Hyorin or Hyolyn. Both are correct! It’s just a matter of direct translation and pronunciation from Korean.

2. She was formerly a member of popular K-pop group, SISTAR

Hyolyn got her big break when she became the main singer and leader of K-Pop group, SISTAR. The group was founded in 2010 and their song “Push Push” instantly became a hit.

SISTAR drew a lot of attention as they were known to be a more sexy girl group with some pretty head turning dance moves and stage costumes. The members of SISTAR decided to go their seperate ways in 2017 and Hyolyn wanted to pursue a solo career.

3. She founded Brid3, her very own production company

After leaving Starship Entertainment, Hyolyn wanted more than just a successful solo career, she founded her very own production company, ‘Brid3’ (pronounced as “Bridge). She wanted to create various music without any restrictions and rules which was the reason for this move.

She runs the company herself and is currently the only artist under her entertainment agency. She does however work with videographers, choreographers and producers as well as collaborate with brands and artists when she wants to.

4. She had a tough life as a child which inspired her large tattoo

Hyolyn has a rather large tattoo on her abdomen that she is very proud of. It’s a Celtic looking cross with some wordings. The cross symbolizes her faith, but more importantly, it represents Hyolyn throwing away her insecurities and making it something she is proud of.

The tattoo is a cover up of a large scar from when she had surgery as a child. She was diagnosed with congenital biliary atresia which generally shows in newborns. She decided to cover it up with a tattoo and turn it into something that radiates with her style.

5. She is currently on her first solo world tour

Yes 2019 marks her first ever solo world tour which has already kicked off. She’s set to perform in many exciting cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam. There’s no doubt she will put on deliver her unique and sassy performance for all her fans around the world.

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