Korean Makeup Artist Says These Mistakes Make You Look 5 Years Older

There are so many different tips and tricks and hacks and, ugh, when it comes to makeup and skincare, there is no one size fits all option. What’s worse is that, as we age, our skin changes and what suited you before might not work the same now. Not to mention the fact that trends change and our preferences change. But that doesn’t mean that we should let ourselves fall behind on our routine – nothing should hold us back from looking our best for ourselves!


Jae Yoo is a Korean makeup artist with over 135,000 followers on Youtube. Recently, she shared how her followers were asking for tips to avoid looking old when doing their makeup. Introducing her friend, who is in her 30s, she shared the do’s and don’t’s when doing makeup. She asks that her friend wipe off half her makeup, leaving one side of her face clean for her to make comparisons between her friends’ everyday makeup and her tips for looking 5 years younger. Let’s see what she has to say, shall we?



1. Avoid overly intense eyebrows.


If you have bristly, dark eyebrows, use brow mascaras.”


Left: Before / Right: After


Too much of one thing is not always a good thing. Grooming your brows – be it by trimming, waxing, tweezing or threading them –  and shaping them will make them easier to fill. The key is to create hairline like strokes to avoid looking unnatural. Beginners should start by using brow powder rather than a pencil, as these are generally easier to blend out.



2. Stop layering on your make up.


If you use a thick base, it will look like mom’s makeup from the past.”


Left: Before / Right: After


Apply a small amount of foundation and thin it out. Thick and cakey foundation adds as many years as there are layers to your face. Not only that, it settles into fine lines quicker and robs your skin of its natural radiance. If you’re worried about having to cover up dark spots or blemishes, go over your foundation with concealer. An easy way to get rid of brush marks and to absorb any access foundation is to go over your foundation with a makeup sponge.


3. Be smart about where you contour.


A shorter nose gives a more youthful vibe.”



Wearing foundation removes almost all of the natural shadows on your face, so you have to revive your features with a bit of contouring afterwards. With that being said, as we grow older, we tend to see our faces hollow out. Contouring in the wrong places will only accentuate this hollowness. Instead, focus on the temple, nose, eyes and chin. Jea Yoo focuses on shading the tip of the nose as well as the sides before adding highlight midway down the nose.



4. Eye makeup


The key to younger make up is to do everything with relaxed hands and light pressure.”


Left: Before / Right: After


It’s easy to make the eyes look smaller than they are with the wrong colours. Darker colours will dull the eyes while midtones like a light brown hue will allow you to contour your eyes without making you lool heavy-lidded. Another tip is, instead of drawing a thick line of eyeliner, line the waterline of your top lid (don’t line the bottom one!) and extend the wing out of the corner of your eye slightly. Also, try not to apply too much mascara on your lower lashes – a smidge on the middle of your lower lashes will be enough to define your eyes, nose and lips.



4. Put away your dark and matte lippies.


Fuller lips are the trend recently.”


Left: Before / Right: After


As trendy as darker lippies are, they will make your lips appear thinner and thus, age you quite a bit. For a fuller look, opt for a neutral or light pink lip. Alternatively, use the sheer version of a darker shade if you still prefer darker colours. Shades like muted pinks and corals will add a more natural colour to your lips for a fuller look.



The difference if you were to do all of the above…



It seems like, at the end of the day, less is more!




*Cover image credits: BLACKPINK's Ji Soo on Instagram