Kittenfishing Is When You Seduce People With Heavily Edited Photos

Just in case if you’re wondering, this is totally different than “catfishing”. Now if you’re single, the chances of you searching for love online is pretty high. The thing about online dating is that these potential dates could possibly be “kittenfishing” you!

What is “kittenfishing”? 

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Similar to the term “catfish” – it has something to do with someone pretending to be someone they’re not. However, contrary to “catfishing” in which they totally use a different person’s identity as their own, “kittenfishing” is you using your OWN identity but with out-of-date or heavily edited profile photos.

Some would even lie about their age, height, interests or accomplishments.

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Why do people “kittenfish”?  

1. Online dating is competitive 

It’s easier to hide our “flaws” if it increases the chances of us scoring that first date.

2. They believe they look better in filters 

Sometimes we feel the need to hide behind filters because we believe that we look better in filters as compared to the unedited ones.

3. Charm dates with their personality 

Kittenfishers usually want to attract potential dates with their personality, charm, wit, intelligence and sense of humour, in hopes that their dates would overlook their “lies”.

What do you think of people who “kittenfish”? Are their actions forgivable even if you’ve fallen for their personality? To know more about millennial dating terms, watch Likely’s Pillow Talk – Millennial Dating Terms.