Kate Middleton Is “Ruthless”, “Exhausted” & “Trapped”

The Princess Diaries got a lot of things right – being a Royal is not all that it’s made up to be.


Being the Duchess of Cambridge and the future Queen Consort is stressful enough. Imagine that on top of being the mother of three children. Top that with the fact that she’s got a packed schedule with the number of appearances she has to make. And even if these appearances are now all done online, Kate Middleton has a ton on her plate. From Zoom bingo nights to interviews, the Duchess is giving it her all. And it seems like it’s taking a toll on her. Alongside her cover spread in the Tatler is a report detailing how Kate Middleton is struggling with the amount of work she’s expected to handle.



According to royal insiders – who are described as friends and people who have worked with the Duchess – Kate Middleton is feeling “exhausted and trapped”. Apparently, she is doing well to uphold the Royal family principles that seem to mean that duty comes first, even in place of one’s own wellbeing. The source tells the Tatler,


Kate understands that the only credo of the Royal Family is duty, duty, duty. Whereas with the Sussexes it is constant uncertainty, [the Cambridges] represent stability and continuity.


And it’s not hard to see that these reports place the blame for her sudden increase in workload on #Megxit. After Prince Harry and the Meghan Markle gave up their positions as royals, it is said that it was the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that had to “pick up the slack”. The report goes on to detail how Kate had to take on 11 different engagements in a month, with three taking place in 24 hours. How does she do it all with a smile on her face?



Turns out, it might all come down to the fact that Kate Middleton is a born again Queen that’s made her “well suited” to life as a Royal. Insiders in the report say that her “ruthless survival streak” gives her the ability to be as Queenly as, well, the Queen herself. Citing Kate Middleton’s “stoic attitude”, the insider stated,


She keeps her head down because the prize of being queen is so great. She models herself on the Queen and now speaks like the Queen.”


Which is probably why the issue of Tatler has dubbed her “Catherine the Great” and a “kingmaker”.



A Middleton family friend is also quoted in the report, saying that the Middletons have a “big thing in their family” and that just so happens to be “control”. Another friend also agrees, saying,


In person, Catherine is a bit warmer and slightly more fun than in public, but you are aware that she is always aware of how careful she has to be. There is a level of control that she has to retain. I don’t think she’d know how to fully let her guard down now, even if she wanted to.’


Which is… kind of sad and difficult to think about doing, no? Imagine having to be perfect 24/7. It’s no wonder she’s feeling “exhausted”.



Looks like the royal life is more difficult than we could have imagined (And we haven’t even gotten into the scrutiny that drove Meghan Markle and Prince Harry away). Here’s to hoping both incredibly capable women get some well deserved R&R, quality time to be themselves and less hate from the media.





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