Justin & Hailey Bieber Get Real About Feeling “So Much Pain” During Split

Justin Bieber has become more vocal and open about his journey through life and maturing day by day. Both himself and his wife, Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) have been speaking out about their experience with their marriage and relationships. However, they’ve decided to go back to their beginnings and address their whirlwind relationship in the very first episode of their new Facebook Watch series. The first episode has them opening up about the impact of their split back in 2016 – and the difficulty in between that and finally getting married in 2019 – which the two agreed they needed to experience.



The young couple agreed to film from their Toronto home, with the series called “The Biebers on Watch,”. The show is built on the premise that the A-list couple is opening their doors and giving the world “an intimate look into” both of their lives, showing how they’re coping with COVID-19 lockdown as well as firsthand, “inside scoops of what we’ve been doing.”


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The first episode sees both Biebers on a boat ride on the same lake Justin grew up fishing in. As they touched upon their struggles leading up to their marriage. The 26-year-old “Yummy” singer, Justin, asked the 23-year-old model what it took for her to forgive him after their split in 2016. He asked how she regained trust and confidence in him after their breakup, saying “at the time there was so much hurt and so much pain.”


Hailey didn’t hold back, responding,


She went on to share that what she felt was similar to grieving. She emphasised letting her emotions run their course,


She goes on to share how the timing was important, saying that she had “experienced enough” by meeting and hanging out with different people by the time they were ready to get back together.