[BREAKING] Justin Bieber Pulls Out ALL The Receipts After Being Accused Of Sexual Assault

Following the recent sexual assault allegations that have surfaced against Chris D’Elia and ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ actor Ansel Elgort, it seems like ‘Stuck With U’ singer, Justin Bieber, is the next celebrity to face accusations. A woman, who only wanted to be identified as “Danielle”, took to her twitter account to anonymously share an extensive post on social media detailing her alleged encounter with Bieber back in 2014.



Danielle says she was 21 years old when she met Justin in Austin, Texas. According to her, the two met when Daniella and her friends attended and they were approached by someone who asked if the group wanted to meet Justin. After taking pictures with the star, he asked them if they wanted to go back to the Four Seasons with them, where they were then separated – Danielle with Bieber and her two friends with other people. Justin then asked for her phone and before asking her to join him in bed.


That’s when I asked myself how in the world is this normal? I’m in a hotel room with Justin Bieber. I then began to think that this was suspicious. I asked him where Selena was to make conversation, he told me not to worry about it and that she’ll come up to the room later.”


Danielle goes on to say that she tried to keep Bieber talking about Selena but then he started kissing her, which soon escalated to a full out make-out session. Things took a turn for the worse afterwards when Danielle says Bieber took her clothes off and sexually assaulted her without her consent.


Justin Bieber himself has taken to his Twitter account to share all the receipts he has and refute Danielle’s claims. With links to news articles, photos from the night in question and screenshots of his lodgings, Bieber replied to Danielle’s claims:




TL/DR: The article by Us Magazine published on the 10th of March, 2014 basically confirms what Bieber is saying – that he was seen giving a surprise performance at Scooter Braun Projects Sunday Funday Showcase during the SXSW in Texas on March 9, with Selena Gomez. An insider at the show also said that after the show, Bieber and Gomez “hung out together in the beer hall together for about another hour after the venue cleared out”.



TL/DR: The article says that “The show was so last minute that Banger’s owner Ben Siegel didn’t know Bieber was coming for sure until about 11 p.m., when he received a text from one of the party organizers that said Bieber would be showing up in about 20 minutes […] Bieber hadn’t been on the set list at all, but said on Saturday that he wanted to play at Banger’s after leaving Houston on Sunday night, where he accompanied Selena Gomez for her show at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.”












When Danielle’s story first came out, Allison Kaye, president of Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun’s SB Projects, called Danielle’s story “factually impossible” in a message to a fan shared on Twitter. She was the first to say that Bieber was not actually staying at the Four Seasons, but at an Airbnb instead.




However, since Danielle’s post, another girl named “Kadi” has come forward with similar allegations – this time, it was in New York in 2015. After giving her number to Bieber’s bodyguard, she was called up to meet the star with four other girls. Kadi alleges that Beiber followed her into a bathroom after kissing her and forced himself on her. She managed to get away after kicking him and has stayed silent until now for fear that her family would disown her. Kadi also included screenshots of her texts with Bieber’s bodyguard as well as a few of the girls who were there that night.



Bieber has yet to respond to Kadi’s claims but has stated that he will seek legal action against his accuser (Danielle).