Jesse Metcalfe & Cara Santana Break Up Amid Cheating Scandal

It appears as though John Tucker Must Die (Again) as Hollywood actor Jesse Metcalfe has split from his fiancée Cara Santana as he was caught cheating on her with two other women.

Santana, a fashion blogger was with Metcalfe for more than a decade – about 13 years. The couple got engaged in 2016 and had planned to get married in 2018.

Just last week, Metcalfe had revealed his non-wedding plans in a podcast with Hallmark.

“We really kind of have it on hold right now. We were doing it not long after we got engaged, and then it kind of like just lost momentum. But I’m sure it will pick up momentum again. We’ve both just been very busy with work.”

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A woman of worth.👏

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According to E! News, Santana was keen on having a wedding.

 “Cara really wants a wedding and she feels Jesse is still not ready to commit or agree on when they are going to finally tie the knot.”

Just before the longtime couple split up, Metcalfe was spotted cosying up to two different women on the same day, and trust us when we say they were NOT Santana.

Metcalfe was spotted hugging model Livia Pillman and leaning against a car. On what appears to be the exact same day, the actor was seen with Italian model and actress Jade Albany Pietrantonio.

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In 2006, Metcalfe played the lead role in John Tucker Must Die, where serial teenage cheater John Tucker’s girlfriends all plot revenge against him, together.

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Admiring the boo(gainvillea} 🌺

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According to E! News, Santana had no idea that the relationship was on the rocks until she saw the pictures posted online.

“She knew they were having issues but didn’t think he would betray her on this level .”

We feel terrible for Cara Santana right now, and we hope she pulls through this heartbreaking episode.