Jeffree Star Subtly Shaded His Ex Nate In New #BLOODLUST Palette

Makeup entrepreneur and beauty guru Jeffree Star revealed his latest release this week – the Blood Lust eyeshadow palette, wrapped in gorgeous purple packaging.

According to Jeffree himself, 90% of the beauty community was “dying, gagging and living” to get their hands on his palette, and the other 10% wanted more, in which he teases the release of another, more goth-approved palette in the future.

“Bitch, it’s everything I’ve dreamed of.” – Jeffree Star, on Blood Lust

Unfortunately, the makeup mogul broke up with his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, who returned to Instagram under a new account @jusskate. Spoiler alert – neither Jeffree nor Nate follow each other.

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The inside of the #BLOODLUST palette 💜❤️ 18 shades. Retail: $54 🩸 The entire collection will be launching FEB. 21ST @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST #jeffreestarcosmetics #bloodlustpalette

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Of course, Jeffree Star isn’t one to leave people out of drama. Cosmopolitan speculated that Star may have subtly shaded Nate in his new palette, according to a theory on Reddit.

“So I saw a tweet that stated that green shades are usually named after Nate. And of course, the green shade in this palette is called ‘Vile Serpent’. – r/jeffreestarcosmetics

The Reddit user also mentioned that the shades beside “Vile Serpent” included “Betrayal,” and “High King,” both of which they believe refer to the breakup and Nate.

“And opposite to this is ‘Blood Queen’, which seems very Jeffree. With ‘Bleeding Heart’ above ‘Blood Queen’ and ‘Scandal Water’ above ‘High King’.” – r/jeffreestarcosmetics

Below the theory, some users discussed that the Blood Lust palette had a theme that seemed to revolve around heartbreak and betrayal.

Jeffree Star and Nate were officially broken up in January this year, in which Star also removed “wifey of Nathan” from his social media bios.

“Me and Nathan will be friends forever, I will always have love for him. Are we in love with each other? No, but we love each other and he will always be in my life.” – Jeffree Star