Jeffree Star Just Got Botox For The First Time Because ‘’The World’s Ending’’

Jeffree Star is sharing what he’s been up to while self-quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic.

In his latest 17 minutes video, titled “Never Leaving My House Again…,” the YouTube star revealed he recently got Botox from the famous LA beautician Dr Kirby, for the first time and recalled the “wild” experience before getting a quick glow up from his glam squad at home. 

While addressing about the novel coronavirus pandemic that has been affecting around the world, Jeffree Star, 34, said, ‘’Everyone out there watching, I think the world is in a really weird state now…The fact that there’s real cities on full lockdown. There’s so much happening, it’s just really overwhelming.”

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After all, when life gets stressful, when the world seems to be turning upside down, the amount of cortisol pumping round the body is increasing, so do your wrinkles. Hey, what a better time to leave your house during quarantine to get a botox, right? But Jeffree dispelled any rumours of previous botox usage:

“You may see a few little lumps on my headI got botox, yes, for the first time. I know no one believes me, they think I’ve had it forever. I’ve never had it before, never needed to, and I felt like bitch, it’s time to quarantine these f*ckin’ wrinkles, while we’re all sitting here.”

The millionaire makeup mogul continued ‘’I hadn’t left the house in six days, and I was getting a little stir crazy, so I went to Dr Kirby, Mr Will Kirby. He really took care of me.” Jeffree then inserted some footage of him getting the injections. “Because the world’s ending, let’s get botox for the first time,” he recalled in the clip. Watch the video below: