Janna Nick Is Sick & Tired Of Online Seller Desperate For IG ‘’Review’’

Actress Janna Nick expresses her dissatisfaction with the attitude of some online merchants who are desperate for online ‘’reviews’’. According to Janna, she has been getting a lot of items and foods ever since the MCO started—to the point where the 25 years old felt the need to speak up. 

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Assalamualaikum kepada semua.. Saya repost balik IG STORY saya supaya semua tak salah faham… Sy mintak maaf Kalau saya bangkit kan isu ni… • ( Kalau ada Yang DM, “ janna saya nak mintak janna promote business sy, janna saya nak janna review makanan saya” ) • Saya memang tak buat.. • • Tapi Kalau ada Yang DM ( janna , saya nak bagi janna rasa makanan saya..harap janna sudi ) • Saya akan terima & Saya akan post Kalau memang sedap…. • • Jujur cakap, Saya memang tak nak aniaya orang lain Yang tengok video Saya makan…lepas Tu “ TAK SEDAP “ Tapi Saya cakap “ SEDAP “…. • • Jangan risau ok..Saya pun selalu scroll2 IG business and beli makanan Yang Saya teringin…even Saya beli pun…kalau memang sedap..Saya akan tetap buat shout out.. • • Tak ada isu RIMAS ke TAK RIMAS… Cuma peti ais rumah saya dah penuh..😭 sampai mak Saya bising la Sb banyak sangat makanan orang hantar…Saya bersyukur sangat…orang bagi makanan…Tapi bagi la pada Yang lebih memerlukan…kalau Saya nak…Saya akan beli ok? Kalau nak bagi jugak…bagi je la…kalau sedap Saya akan cuba tolong & post…insyaAllah… Ampun 🙏 @sephia.my @whitefluffy.my

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“I won’t reject all the products given to me. But, I can’t accept it whenever they questioned things like, ‘When are you going to post your review of our food?’ or ‘Will you be making a video for our item?’. First of all, I’m sincerely doing this for free. But when things are going this way, it’s like I have to fulfil a work commitment just to post the reviews,” said the “Cari Aku Di Syurga” actress on her IG story. 

If I’ve reviewed your products before, it doesn’t mean I’ll post about it again

The Melodi co-host further explained, “At one time, I received something to eat for review, but it didn’t taste that good. As such, I’m not going to ask my followers to purchase the said item when it’s not nice. It’s not that I don’t support local online business but all of you have to be sincere instead of expecting us to come up with item reviews for every product.”

Janna concluded her statement with, “Some of them who knew my house address even sent their stuff straight away without asking me beforehand. At first I did it for free, honestly, but now I feel like it became a work commitment.’’

She then proceeded to apologize if she had offended anyone with her post. “I can’t post it all at once because I don’t do Instagram reviews! I’m sorry if any of you are hurt with what I just said, but I feel the need to speak up.”