James Charles & Wet n’ Wild In Copycat Fight Over Rainbow Palette

Happy Monday, ladies! Here’s some tea from the beauty guru and makeup world.

Beauty guru James Charles slammed US-based drugstore brand Wet n’ Wild for copying his eyeshadow palette.

ICYMI, Wet n’ Wild teased about its upcoming release a few days ago on Twitter when the brand was at RuPaul’s Drag Con. The product? It’s a rainbow-themed 40-pan eyeshadow palette. If you’re curious about the price, it will be between $25 and $29 (RM105 & RM122).

Back in November 2018, James Charles released a similar-looking eyeshadow palette during a collaboration with Morphe. It has 39 colours and retails for $39 (RM164).

Of course, it was no time at all before sister James called out Wet n’ Wild in a not-so-subtle tweet.

This is what the James Charles x Morphe palette looks like if you’re curious to see it for yourself:

And this is a preview of Wet n’ Wild’s new “40 Palette”

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First look at our NEW 40 Palette. Available exclusively at #DragConNYC. Coming to wetnwildbeauty.com this fall. 💖 . . . #wetnwildbeauty #wetnwild40palette #wetnwildpalette #wetnwildxdragcon #wetnwildxworldofwonder #dragcon #rupaulsdragcon

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Tea Spill tweeted a side-by-side comparison that we can refer to:

So… it appears as though the Internet is divided. Some of Sister James’ supporters started slamming Wet n’ Wild for blatantly copying his palette.

Then again, some people defended Wet n’ Wild, as drugstore brands are known to create dupes (similar product at a cheaper price) alongside their regular products. Also, people aren’t quick to forget that James Charles may have allegedly copied some of his makeup looks without giving credit to the original artist. Oops!

Some people were more neutral about it, saying both Wet n’ Wild and James Charles had their respective flaws.

As for Wet n’ Wild, the brand certainly stood their ground in Tweet that said: “We certainly didn’t copy the price.”

Of course, the brand explained that they developed the palette as a “dupe” as well.

Well – we can’t believe it’s happening again! It’s been a turbulent year for James Charles. What do you think? Did Wet n’ Wild copy James Charles’ palette? Should they have at least changed the layouts? Let us know in the comments below.