James Charles Pulled Out All The Receipts & We Are Shook

James Charles was embroiled in probably the most shocking drama of YouTube history when his ex-BFF Tati Westbrook called him out in a 43-minute video titled “Bye Sister.”

She called him out for various things including betrayal towards her and her brand, being sexually manipulative and bad table manners at her birthday dinner.

The 19-year-old beauty guru finally responded with a 41-minute takedown of the whole drama, explaining his side and pulling out all the receipts. We mean all of them, sister. The receipts that James Charles pulled seemed to contradict what Tati said about him in her original video. We broke it down for you here.

1. About the SugarBear Hair incident at Coachella

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While at Coachella for the second weekend, James could only obtain a VIP pass and as a result, he was mobbed by fans because of the lack of security. He reached out to his YouTube beauty guru friend Nikita Dragun, whose security was taken care of by SugarBear Hair. Nikita then reached out to the brand who agreed to help James out.

“Despite what Tati said, this was not a big scheme that orchestrated beforehand.”

2. About not promoting Halo Beauty

In the video, James shared screenshots that he did attempt to promote Halo Beauty a few times, no matter what Tati said. Immediately after the SugarBear Hair incident, James had attempted to reach out to Tati and her husband but failed, and hence issued a public apology on Instagram.

3. He addressed Tati’s claims about him allegedly manipulating straight men

“I am a 19-year-old virgin. I have never and will never use my fame, money, or my power to manipulate or get any sexual actions from a guy. That is disgusting. That is not me. The fact that Tati brought this up blows my mind.”

As for the waiter at Tati’s birthday party, James claimed and pulled out receipts that he and the waiter have been in contact ever since. Sam, the waiter had slid into his DMs expressing that he was curious about his sexuality.

4. Then, James Charles addressed Jeffree Star, who somehow seems to be in every beauty guru drama (xoxo we found Gossip Girl!)

Jeffree Star has been in hot water ever since his old tweets resurfaced about how he was into straight men. This was after he tried to drag James Charles on Twitter and called him ‘a danger to society.’ James said if he saw an attractive man, he would, indeed slide into his DMs and compliment him, but it does not usually lead to anything serious.

He has since apologized to everyone he has DMed. As for being banned from Jeffree’s house, James claimed that he was unaware of it but was surprised because Jeffree had tweeted that he loved and missed James.

Since Tati’s “Bye Sister” video, James Charles has lost about 3 million subscribers, bringing his total subscriber count to 13.4 million. However, since “No More Lies” was released, he seems to have gained subscribers and is now at 14 million strong.

Before James released his takedown video, Tati posted a video entitled “Why I Did It” and fans received it with mixed responses. She did not expect James to take such a hit and will be taking a break from social media and YouTube for the time being. Basically, Tati explained that she still stands by what she said, but addressed her audience to refrain from hating on James. She did not want to ‘cancel’ him.

“There’s no celebration in what’s happening.” – Tati Westbrook

Jeffree Star who somehow, managed to insert himself in all the drama, also came up with an apology video. In the video titled “Never Doing This Again,” Jeffree admits that he inserted himself publicly in the drama when he shouldn’t have. He also acknowledged that he was not going to ‘come for James.’ Jeffree says that he should have been a better friend and handled the situation in a mature manner.

Tati has also apologized to James and his audience and the pair have promised to solve any issues that remain between them in private.

Phew. It was such a tea-filled week. We hope there’s less drama between beauty gurus now because we really miss their videos on beauty products. What do you think of this tea? Let us know in the comments below.