YouTuber Jaclyn Hill Slammed For Her Brand-New ‘Hairy’ Lipsticks

Another day, another high-profile YouTube beauty guru gets enveloped in drama.

This time, it’s Jaclyn Hill, who recently launched her long-awaited brand, Jaclyn Cosmetics. The YouTuber decided to release 20 different shades of nude lipsticks.

Before this, Jaclyn previously collaborated with Morphe Cosmetics, where her eyeshadow palette was such a hit. So it’s no surprise that she should start her own makeup line.

The 20 nude lipsticks were meant to complement all skin tones, but so far, the reactions from Jaclyn’s customers have been… less than complimentary.

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Customers and fans reported hairy, lumpy lipsticks, and even some that broke off the tube after one use.

Veronica (@itsv_82) reported that her lipstick in the shade “Decaf” was lumpy, to which Jaclyn replied in a now-deleted tweet “You posted swatches 2 days ago loving the lipsticks? Now you’re wondering why it’s lumpy? It’s obvious this lipstick is used & not fresh from the factory.”

Jaclyn deleted her tweet after prompting backlash from fans who believed that her tone was condescending. However, the YouTuber stands by her initial statement.

YouTuber RawBeautyKristi made a video in which she inspected the said lipsticks under a microscope, although she mentioned that the ones she received in PR were better quality than the ones bought by customers. Even her lipsticks were hairy.

Jaclyn tweeted to explain the whole hairy situation, stating that it was hair from brand-new white gloves:

To which a Twitter user responded with a demonstration:

Interestingly, there is a fan theory going around that Jaclyn Cosmetics’ lipsticks may be nude, but perhaps not as new as they seem.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have decided to make memes of the beauty guru debacle. Enjoy!

A spokesperson from Jaclyn Cosmetics released a statement, saying “The response to the launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics has been incredible. Of the incredible volume of orders that were placed at launch, we believe less than half of 1% of orders were impacted by compromised product.”

Jaclyn Hill herself has also responded to the issue, stating that she is currently investing the case of her brand’s defective lipsticks at the moment.

Well, we certainly hope her customers will get the compensation that they deserve. And remember ladies, if your lipstick is lumpy, don’t swipe it on your lips!

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