Is Taking Food Photos A Sign Mental Illness Or Strength?

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with taking food shots to upload on their Instagram. It can be annoying sometimes because we’d have to wait for them to be done after 20mins! Okay, we’re exaggerating the time but it really does feel so when you’re starving!

Food photography is a sign of mental illness

person taking picture of the foods

If you have this “friend” or if you’re that person, you could be mentally ill. According to a Canadian mental health expert, taking lots of photos of food can indicate health or mental problems. Yikes!

Potentially lead to weight disorders

silver fork and knife on plate
CBC reported food photography can lead to unhealthy weight disorders. This was based on Dr. Valerie Taylor’s presentation called “Food Fetish: Society’s Complicated Relationship with Food”.

You become obsessed with food

woman eating noodles while holding spoon and chopsticks
Explaining it further to Huffington Post, she says  She says: “We take pictures of things that are important to us, and for some people, the food itself becomes central and the rest – the venue, the company – is background.”
She adds that the same concept is applied to those with food tattoos.
But if you’re a food lover?

woman taking photo food display
However, food writer, Josh Ozersky disagrees on this. He defended food photography in ‘Eat Like A Man’ writing, “Anybody that has any objection to the use of smartphones and their cameras, for any reason, needs to pipe down right now.”