Is Tagging Your Bae On Your Insta Bio The Digital Wedding Ring?

Have you ever come across your friends Instagram account with their bio description ‘owned by (insert name)’ and you’re just like, “Whaaaaaaat?” SAME. Not to judge but it’s a legit thing!

It’s called ‘Relationship Tagging’

Relationship tagging is the act of you including your bae’s social media handle in your bio. You either love the cheekiness of relationship tagging or find it super cringy!

Why do people relationship tag? 

Psychotherapist Jaime Gleicher, LMSW tells Cosmopolitan, “When people are in a relationship, they tend to experience a burst of many positive emotions. And when people feel happy, they want to share it.”

Seems like a middle-school relationship thing, but it happens even to adults. Somehow, it a concrete proof that we are happily taken.

Think of it as the PDA version of the Internet!

You hold hands when you go out together, cuddle and so much more. This is just like that, except it’s Twitter and Instagram.

Is relationship tagging healthy? 

Sure, especially for couples who are in love. As what Taylor Lorenz, wrote for The Atlantic, “It’s the digital equivalent of a wedding ring.” Especially for millenials, everything is done for the ‘gram. If something isn’t uploaded online, it just doesn’t seem real.

The problem of relationship tagging is when you do it to prove a point to an ex-flame or out of insecurities. Would you ever tag your partner in your bio? Let us know!