Is Sex Better After A Workout?

Whether you workout together or separately, having sex after that seems like a strange thing to do. Why would you put sweat on top of more sweat?

Yet, research shows that there are plenty of benefits to having sex AFTER a workout. There’s a lot of similarities between working out and getting down and dirty in the sheets. You’re sweaty, your blood is pumping, and all the good hormones are being released. Gosh!

Will you and your partner have mind-blowing sex after a sweaty workout sesh? Let’s find out!

You’ll be in the mood

When you’re working out, your body produces endorphins, which increases adrenaline levels and puts you in the mood for sex afterwards. Plus, working out increases blood flow to all parts of your body, which includes your sexual organs. This will keep your libido levels up and makes it easy for natural lubrication. Your body releases testosterone when you’re exercising too, which leads to a natural desire to have sex.

The post-workout glow + post-sex glow

We usually feel really good after a workout (doing something that we love, of course). All that moving and sweating gives us a natural glow. Don’t you feel good after a workout? You’ll have a better perception of your appearance too, post-workout, so all your insecurities will be chucked by the door whilst you romp between the sheets. Anyway, when you have sex after a workout, your self-esteem soars through the roof because there’s nothing better than good hormones on top of good hormones, which we’ll explain in a bit.

What happens when you’re *doing it*

When you’re getting busy with your partner, your body releases the same chemicals as it does during a workout session, like endorphins and dopamine… with the addition of oxytocin, a.k.a. the love hormone. Having oxytocin on top of all the goodness is like icing on the cake, and you’ll be thinking of your passionate lovemaking sesh for days to come (pun intended).

Feeling a little thirsty? Get your man up and running off to your next sweat sesh together and hop into bed right after. Let us know how it goes *wink wink*.