Believe It Or Not, Your Voice Is Powerful Enough To Attract Any Man

When talking about the art of seduction, we always focus on the physical appearance such as body shape, eye colour, the way a person smiles or their great personality. However, have you ever wondered about how your voice can play a role to attract someone?

According to research, women are more attracted to men with lower-pitched voices. When a man has a deep voice, it showcases their physical dominance and appears sexually fitter to women.

Hmm, that probably explains why we’re so into Morgan Freeman’s deep voice.

To our surprise, things are quite different for men as they tend to be drawn to women with higher-pitched voices since it is seen as a marker for femininity. The reason behind this is that women with lower-pitched or raspy voices might sound older, although, there are some men who dig those with deep, husky voices.

However, it’s not all about the pitch, instead, how well you can control the way you sound.

With that being said, if you’re having a hard time in the love department even though you’ve  learned all the right seductive moves, here are few pointers to keep in mind:

High pitched voice is cute, but not too high

You already know that the higher your voice, the more feminine and gentle you are in the eyes (or ears) of men. But remember that you shouldn’t go overboard with it unless you’re already comfortable with that person.

Although talking using your baby-voice can be attractive to men, pitching it too high, however, can make you seem a bit cartoon-ish. In turn, this will make it hard for you to be taken seriously. 

Be soft, gentle and polite

For those who like to talk harshly, you should probably try speaking in a calmer tone and remember to take pauses for effect every now and then.

This shows a non-aggressive confidence which can be very sexy while exerting a sense of mysteriousness. Avoid from making awkward pauses in conversations though, as you don’t want to sound weird.

Giggle to make him tingle

Spark the mood by giggling and laughing. This action can be an infectious thing, and nothing is more attractive than a woman with a beautiful laughter. It will not only indicate that you get his jokes, but it may also make you appear more fun to be around.

Since research shows that both men and women love someone with a good sense of humour, thus, if you want a guy to like you, don’t be afraid to crack some jokes, no matter how lame or silly they are.

Good posture helps with the voice too

Presentation is key. Sit upright or stand up straight when talking. This is because when you slump your body, your diaphragm and rib cage tend to become constricted, which then produce a tighter or lazy sounding voice.

You should try leaning your body towards the man and speak softly. This technique helps to elevate the intimacy between the two of you, since it will seem as if you’re telling him a secret, making him feel trusted and comfortable to be around you. 

Now that you know what it takes to master the art of seduction using your voice, go on and try these tricks during your future date(s)! Who knows, perhaps you’ll even get butterflies in your tummy afterwards, feeling lovely things such as those narrated on this Fly X playlist.