Instead Of Deleting Photos Of Your Ex, Edit The Captions

Breaking up can be tough. In fact, it’s probably the second most heartbreaking thing almost every person has to go through.

The only thing worse than breaking up is deleting the evidence that your ex ever existed. This means archiving or deleting a few hundred or thousand Instagram photos, including those on your phone.

What if you didn’t delete any photos of your ex, and instead changed the caption, to tell your side of the story? Yep, people on social media have taken to editing their Instagram captions after a breakup, and you can do it too.

And, what if you looked really good in the photo?

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like if you think I can do better edit: he broke up with me through facebook messenger so yes, I can do better

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You can’t simply delete a photo where you look absolutely stunning just because you posed with some guy you used to love! Twitter user @jasminericegirl started the trend by un-archiving photos with her exes and then editing the captions. We need to stan this creative move!

It gives you a chance to tell your side of the story without revealing too much

@jasminericegirl’s Tweet has inspired other women to do the same. The great thing about Instagram captions is you can make it as long or as short as you’d prefer, so you can tell your side of the breakup story to your friends and followers. Even the very best of our friends tend to ask, “What happened?” And those who don’t ask are just pretending they don’t wonder. Here’s your chance to tell ’em like it is!

The real intention is to acknowledge the pain & know that you deserve better

Since her Instagram posts went viral, according to Mashable SEA, @jasminericegirl has clarified that she didn’t want to shame any of the men featured in her Tweets. It’s about understanding her pain and knowing that she deserves better. Also, we can’t deny that she looked good in the pics!

If this girl can do this, so can you. In a way, editing your Instagram caption is like writing a reflection in your diary, to truly understand yourself and move on to better things. Girls, let’s learn from this!