Instagrammers Get Rashes After Swimming In Beautiful, Polluted Lake

An artificial pond nicknamed ‘Novosibirsk Maldives’ has become a popular destination for Instagrammers worldwide for it’s gorgeous, delphinium blue appearance.

Unfortunately, the lake is also incredibly polluted as it is an industrial dump site for an energy plant nearby.

Bikini-clad Instagram models, newlyweds, and holidaymakers on floating unicorns have been spotted taking shots with the lake as a picturesque background, as if relaxing in a paradise.

According to Vice, the Siberian Generating Company (who owns the artificial lake) mentioned that the lake’s bright colours are due to a mixture of calcium salts and metal oxides, which are byproducts of the power plant. The chemical is harmful to human skin and causes irritation, although not potentially fatal.

One Instagrammer Alexei Cherenkov wrote:

“The next morning, my legs turned slightly red and itched for two days.”

“The rash is gone already, but I would not recommend tasting this water,” he added. His photo received over 800 likes.

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🇷🇺Работяги, плавать там не опасно🚨 На следующее утро мои ноги слегка покраснели и чесались дня два, потом все прошло 🙏🏽 Но что не сделаешь ради таких снимков😋Вода на вкус немного кисловата, похожа на мел 😝 🇺🇸It,s not dangerous to swim here. The next morning, my legs turned slightly red and itched for two days, but then everything went. But what wouldn’t you do for the sake of such pictures? The water tastes a little sour 🤮 #новосибирскиемальдивы #золоотвалтэц5 #золоотвал #золоотвалнск #тэц5

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As there is less security around the area, Cherenkov stated, “Some people even go there for barbecues.”

The lake’s owner has also discouraged people from visiting the polluted site. The power plant provides the energy to Novosibirsk, Russia’s third-most populated city.

It’s simply not worth it to harm your skin just for the sake of Instagram photos. There are so many more Instagrammable places, at the cost of less than your health. Stay Instagrammable, and stay safe as well.