Instagrammer Dewi Radin On How COVID-19 Has Impacted The Insta-Influencer Culture

The mastermind behind POTDS, Minimalist Nasic Hijab, Dewi Radin, first started using social media as a platform for content creating in the year 2017 as her part time job—as she is still studying during that time. She then actively began her career as a social media influencer last year, sharing content ranging from skin care to fashion. 

However, the impact of COVID-19 shows how the marketing landscape has changed due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. We got in touch with Dewi Radin and asked her point of view about the pressure of delivering content in the age of COVID-19. 

1. Does being an influencer affect your day to day job? If so, how? 

I’m a full-time freelance model now, so I’m always multitasking. Usually it does affect me as an influencer where there is a limited time to get my content done but communicating and planning out with clients also helps ease out everything, like creating a schedule and giving out deadlines. I am putting aside my Interior Architecture study for a moment because it requires 100% commitments. 

So, at this age, I feel like it is best to multitask while you still can and who knows, it will lead you to somewhere better too. Even though I’m putting aside my studies, that does not mean I don’t like it anymore, Designing is my passion. As a creator of POTDS, I am also blessed that I have a great team to work with, to share opinions and get the work done.

2. How has COVID-19 affected your full-time job and your social media work with brands?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, my full-time job as a freelance model does affect me. Some brands are willing to give out their products for me to do a mini photoshoot session at home. As for socmed work, I do have plenty of time to create content, it’s just that clients rarely reach out to influencers to do any campaigns and give out a token.

But nevertheless, some clients that I’ve used to work with do reach out to me for beauty as they are able to ship out their products to me.

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3. How long do you spend on the content that you create?

Usually a day or two. I like to finish off my content as soon as possible and did not drag anything further than 5 days. This will prevent from dragging other client’s content too. 

It’s a big responsibility since we have to represent the products in a good way and could be a long term relationship between us influencers and clients. KOL and Influencers are like the bridge in the middle where people/followers could look up to on giving advice before they wanted to try any product

4. Did you have to rethink your content with brands and messages as a result of the #StayAtHome? (i.e. some have been uncomfortable sharing certain branded content in the initial phase of the Movement Control Order).

Depending on certain products too. I’m trying my best to understand both parties (brands and customers). Business owners like me have to think about how to keep the business running during the MCO and preventing huge losses. But as a consumer, I have to understand that some buyers do not have a stable income; they’re currently relying on savings. So, it is a tough decision to make. 

5. Do you think the movement control order and subsequent forecasted economic recession will change the way influencers use social media for income?

I do think it will change the way influencers use socmed for income matters. But it is a pandemic world issue, we just have to bear with it. 

We wouldn’t know how the future lifestyle works and how people’s get income in the future. Time is moving forward, and so does technologies and future generations

6. Why do you choose to continue to put effort into the content on your social media? What motivates you?

I love sharing good quality productsskincare, makeup that I like. You may not know who your followers are but they could be anyone from a different age that seek out motivation or guidance over their skincare/beauty routine. When I share my reviews, I do get feedback from followers about their purchase. They were happy with the results, and kept on thanking me. That’s what makes me happy and would like to put more efforts into my content. 

7. How do you juggle a full-time job and your social media work? 

By organising my daily schedule in my journal, sometimes I do need to take a day off to settle up the content for social media.