Uh Oh! Influencers Can’t Promote Weight-Loss Products On Instagram Anymore

Good news, everyone (except those who make weight loss products, sorry).

Instagram has just unveiled a new policy that will restrict certain posts – particularly posts that encourage other Instagram users to buy laxative diet teas, shakes and lollipops.

Whether these products actually work or not is up to the brand itself, but many celebrities are keen to promote these stuff so we can look like them. But as we know it, that’s far from the truth.

Celebrities under fire for promoting diet/ detox products

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Celebrities like Kim K., Cardi B., and Iggy Azalea have come under fire for promoting such teas and lollipops, particularly from the brand Flat Tummy Co.

These stars have also been accused of affecting the self-esteem and mental health of their young followers, especially when they started posting about these laxative products. Many of these products contain senna, a herb that has a strong laxative effect.

Instagram worked with Jameela Jamil to come up with this policy

On the other side of the celebrity spectrum, Jameela Jamil herself has been a strong advocate against those who promote such products. She’s encouraged others to be better allies and Instagram has been working with her behind-the-scenes to come up with this new policy.

Plus, she has the full support of our very own Dr. Amalina Bakri!

“Bogus overclaimed diet/ detox products should be banned from social media.”

What does the new Instagram policy do?

The new policy focuses on restricting the promotion of weight-loss products and procedures to those under the age of 18 across Instagram and Facebook. Users can report the post on Instagram if they believe it violates the policy, and content reviewers will take action then.

However, if the content seems too good to be true, like “miraculous weight loss after drinking X tea” and is linked to a discount code, the post will be removed from Instagram. According to an Instagram spokesperson:

“We want Instagram to be a positive place for everyone that uses it and this policy is part of our ongoing work to reduce the pressure that people can sometimes feel as a result of social media.”‘

Dr. Amalina has some advice for fellow Malaysians if you see diet products popping up on your feed:

What do you think? Do you see diet products on Instagram often?