Indoor House Plants Are The Latest Millennial Craze

Happy tree hugging day! Millennials may have grown up in an entirely plant-free environment (hello, city life!), but indoor house plants seem to be their latest obsession. In their very own homes, millennials are decorating their walls and shelves with foliage, ferns and cacti, stuff you wouldn’t see in a baby boomer’s home.

This house plant obsession is nothing new though. Young Victorian women were obsessed with ferns. After all, these house plants do make a home look Pinterest-worthy and inviting.

You can’t just have one cactus, though. When it comes to house plants, you’ll feel like you need lots as a rite of passage to a beautiful home. Here’s why millennials are obsessed with at-home greens and how you can jump on the bandwagon too.

1. Indoor plants purify the air around us

First of all, the green colour of plants can be pretty relaxing to look at. It gives our eyes a break from all that screen time. Second of all, indoor plants actually purify the air by taking in carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. Fresh air and a feeling of zen is exactly what millennials need to be free from the hustle and bustle of the city.

2. House plants are easier to care for than pets or babies

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I mean, house plants give us millennials a feeling of responsibility without being too overwhelming. For example, all these plants just need to be watered and occasionally fed with flower food and nutrients. Some don’t need extra nutrients at all, just lots of sunshine. Imagine how easy taking care of plants would be compared to caring for babies. Plants give their owners a sense of responsibility and ownership.

3. Most people get started with cacti or herbs

If you feel like you can’t grow a thing or if you’re a serial plant-killer who wants to get on this trend, perhaps you can start with cacti or herbs. The doesn’t need much attention (it’s OK if you forget to water them) and herbs can be grown over again. If you’re successful, these herbs can be cooked and eaten. It’s like growing your own garden in the city.

Do you have house plants? Tell us all about it in the comments below.