Increase Your Insta-Likes With Perfect Selfie Tips From Tyra Banks

It’s Selfie-Day! What better way to celebrate this overrated photo art by learning how to take the perfect selfie – The Tyra Banks way. After all, you’re learning from the best of the BEST supermodel on Earth and creator of the SMIZE!

1. Tilt your head back 


The key here is to ‘lead with your best side and work it’. When you tilt your head, you’re accentuating your stand-out facial features. Plus, it also makes your face look smaller.

2.  Keep a naked neck 

Most of us love posing with our hair covering the sides of our necks, but the ANTM host highlights the importance of keeping the neck free from any stray hairs. Banks said, “Brush hair away from your neck onto the side you’re leaning in towards, helping to leave your gorgeous neck bare. If you’e got it, flaunt it!” This will also give the illusion of a sexy long neck. We definitely can’t see Andrea’s neck on the right!
3. Hold from below 

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It's one of those mornings

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Speaking of necks, something we tend to do when taking photos is to snap while holding our phone up in the sky. Surprisingly, taking a photo from a lower angle can seriously accentuate your neck. “Taking your selfie from above appears to squash your neck. Whereas holding your phone sightly below helps to accentuate the length of your beautiful neck.” she reveals.
4. Don’t forget to SMIZE!

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See you at the @BETawards tomorrow night! ✊🏽

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Of course, smize (smiling with your eyes) had to be included in Banks final selfie tip! She tells, “To pull off a smize, you’ll need to: squint, relax both your lips and eyebrows and then pretend as if a string is pulling up your face from above.”

YASSS, our gurl Andrea is totally slaying that SMIZE like a pro!