5 In-Flight Beauty Essentials For Glowing Skin After A Long-Haul Flight

Long-haul flights have just one perk – landing in a faraway destination, away from everyone you know, in just a few hours. It’s pretty amazing how far you can travel in just 8 hours.

But these flights can take such a toll on our skin, and we arrive at the next airport with dull, dry skin, perhaps expecting to meet someone we know. Oops! There is no way we’re gonna let that happen.

We can’t avoid long-haul flights – unless you plan to transit in between destinations (which doesn’t really count unless you’re on vacation at the transit destination). So, here’s a quick checklist of beauty stuff you’ll need to pack in your carry-on handbag for glowing skin upon touchdown.

1. Makeup wipes

Even if you didn’t wear any makeup onto your flight, this sure is a good and convenient way to cleanse your face after a whole day of travelling. Try this pack of Everly Collagen Make-Up Remover Cleansing Wipes which is formulated with vitamin E.

2. Moisturiser

The stale air on flight makes your skin really dehydrated! You’ll need a moisturiser to combat that. Try the cult-favourite Laneige Water Sleeping Mask that comes in a travel-friendly size.

3. Facial oil

Facial oils will help lock in more moisture so your face doesn’t appear dull and dry upon touchdown. Maybe you’ll need a pinch of Huxley Oil; Light And More to help with your in-flight skin.

4. Sheet mask

You’ll need something to help you relax as you plug in a couple hours’ sleep on your long-haul flight, dear jetsetter. A sheet mask can help you relax and prepare for your vacation, besides treating your skin well with it’s nourishing ingredients. Try a pack of Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask, which is our writer’s favourite!

5. Lip balm

Don’t forget to make your lips look juicy and hydrated before reaching your destination. A lip balm will certainly help with that, like Yves Rocher’s Nourishing Lip Balm.