Impact Play Is A Whole Lot Of Spanking For You To Get Aroused

It feels nice to get spanked during naughty time. It’s the intensity and sensation of the impact that makes your heart race. Spanking and slapping are called ‘impact play’ which falls under the BDSM and Fetish category.

What is Impact Play? 

This kinky gesture refers to all play types that involve the act of hitting someone with something else. It usually involves objects such as a paddle riding crop, cane or flogger and of course, our hands.

You’re creating a “scene” out of Impact Play to get high 

Whether you’re doing it for 10 minutes or 2 hours, it’s still called a “scene” and this is done to create enough endorphins for the person receiving the impact to achieve a natural high, known as “subspace.”

If you’re interested to try Impact Play, this is what you should know: 

1. Only do it with someone that you truly trust. It can be dangerous if done with someone who might take advantage of the situation.

2. Discuss on the Do’s and Don’ts with your partner. Let them know your boundaries.

3. Have a safe word. Make sure it’s something ridiculous that you’ll never, ever use during sex like apple!

While this may be fun, make sure that your safety always comes first. Start light if this is something absolutely new to you and your partner. Happy spanking!