If Your Man Crosses These Extreme, Personal Boundaries, Marry Him

True love is hard to find. We long for it but sometimes, when we do, we don’t take care of it. For the lucky ones, having someone to love and be loved in return is the most magical feeling ever.

You may not realise it but you know you’re the lucky one when your partner and you cross these relationship boundaries! #keeper


1. Turned on with body hair 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve shaved or let your body hair grow in EVERY part of your body, it really doesn’t affect him. He still gets turned on even if your hairy legs poke his!

2. Doesn’t get grossed out with your puke 

You know he’s a keeper when he’s okay with your puke. In fact, he’ll even clean you up after that crazy night out.

3. Have toilet conversations 

Picture this, you’re busy pooping while he’s brushing teeth. It doesn’t bother that you’ve both invaded each other personal spaces. Oh yeah, feel free to goss each other on the latest tea. You know, you’ve done it!

4. Late again? It’s okay, he’ll patiently wait  

He calls and you’re like, “I just need 5 minutes” said every girl ever, only to walk out looking fabulous an hour later! Even so he doesn’t get mad at you for making him wait. He knows it’s a NORMAL thing for you.

5. Loves you even if you forget anniversaries 

Yes, it happens! It’s really funny how women can just smile and act cute if they forget dates like anniversaries because guys are understanding. But if a guy forgets, boy he’ in trouble!