If You Have A Laugh-gasm During Sex, You’re With The Right One

Do you giggle or laugh during sex? Often have the urge to hold back just so you don’t spoil the mood? Don’t let that thought every bother you anymore because guess what, if you have a laugh-gasm during your love-making, you’re with the right person.

You’re comfortable enough to bare it all 

man and woman lying on bed

We’re not talking about getting physically naked but your emotions. Let’s be real, sex is so much different than what’s depicted in the movies. It’s pretty awkward, like two horny humans naked in a room – well you get the picture!

You’re having fun. SO. MUCH. FUN 

smiling woman lying on bed

Sex is a fun thing. Don’t stress over the fact that it has to be perfect! The faces and sounds you both make can be hilarious, which can also trigger laughs. Remember when your man made a ‘weird’ face when he came? And the time you both try extreme sex positions that didn’t turn out right? That made you laugh, didn’t it? Let yourself loose and be carefree!

But sometimes, your partner can get offended by this expression of pleasure 

woman in brown tank top

Or even put off! Let them know what made you laugh and that’ll make them laugh too. Reassure them that you’re enjoying the moment and that you feel comfortable to do it with them.

Better yet, show your partner this article!