Iconic Malaysian TV Personality Adibah Noor Apologizes For Inability To Give Financial Aid, Reveals She Sold House To Survive

COVID-19 does not discriminate. Whether you’re young, old, rich, poor, able-bodied or not – you’re at risk of being affected in some way, shape or form by the virus. Even if you don’t catch the virus (touch wood), the economic impact of COVID-19 is felt in waves as many experience pay cuts or lose their jobs. Some sectors are more hard-hit than others – the tourism and service sector for one, as people limit their movement by stopping travel plans and spending. Another sector that is also feeling the pinch is the entertainment sector. Filming and performances of any sort were impossible for four months – leaving actors, singers, comedians, and more completely without income. And whether or not you’re established in the industry, you’re bound to find yourself between a rock and a hard place following COVID-19s emergance.

Such is the case with a Malaysian icon – Ms Adibah Noor. Taking to Instagram, the 49-year-old singer and actress posted a video where she talked about how COVID-19 impacted her and subsequently, the arts and entertainment industry in general. In a 4 minute video, Noor shared –


This video to give a true picture of my financial situation. The reason is that many people have messaged me asking for financial help. Where I can help, I’ve helped but this is the story. People like me, the ones who work in art and entertainment, who are in front of the camera and on stage, often upload luxurious videos or pictures to appear like we are still active in the arts. But the fact is that during the MCO, I did not have a job, which resulted in me not having an income.”



Having been in showbusiness since 1995, Noor has been active and is known as a chameleon in the industry. Having started out as a singer, Noor has branched out into acting, hosting, voiceovers, musicals and as a talent in advertisments. However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine that followed, all of her career prospects were wiped out. This resulted in Noor having to sell her house in order to continue to pay her employees as well as to continue fulfilling her responsibilities.



She goes on to share how, even after the MCO was lifted and people were allowed to start going out and returning to business as usual, things were not the same. The ‘Terlalu Istimewa’ singer shared,


So after the MCO, only then was I able to get a few jobs. But, the offers that I received was not as grand as it used to be pre-COVID-19. This means that I’ve taken whatever job that I can so that I would at least have a source of income. I’ve also found myself facing financial difficulties but we‘ve been trying to find our own way.”



Noor continued to address the people who have reached out to her for help and aid during these difficult times. Speaking truthfully, and while discouraging comments that she was complaining,  the ‘Sepet’ alum shared,


So, to be honest, I want to tell you who are asking for help – I want to tell you honestly I can not help because I’ve only just started getting jobs again. And even throughout the MCO, I did not get jobs, I did not get anything – I have continued to pay my employees’ salaries. My furbabies – the 37 kittens that I foster – I still have to eat. So – not to complain; this is not a confession to garner sympathy – I want to tell you that the fact of the matter is that I also have my own problems and I apologize so so much because I cannot help others. I have to help myself. But I still pray that we can all find sustenance and will get out of this situation.”


And that is not to say that Noor has left it as it is. No, Adibah Noor has continued to share tweets from local businesses as well as from people seeking help on her own twitter account, which has over 570,000 followers,  hoping to raise awareness for these individuals who are also fighting the tough battle of survival post-MCO. Kudos to the star for being honest, for publically addressing the issue and for continuing to help where possible!