Iconic 90’s Hairstyles That Need To Make A Comeback ASAP

If you’ve lived through the 90s, you’ve most probably done at least one of these 90s hairstyles. There’s just something about 90s hairstyles that’s so iconic till’ today. Although there were some weird hairdos that we never want to see make a comeback like the “chopstick” or “multiple spikes” hairstyles, there are some we think deserves to make a return.

Here are six iconic 90s hairstyles that we can’t get over!

1. Face-Framing Messy Bun 

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The only time that it’s okay to look messy is when your hair is tied in a messy bun. This looks even better when you let out two strands to fall to the sides of your face, just like how Gwyneth Paltrow did it!

2. The “Rachel” 

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Although Jennifer Aniston wasn’t a fan of ‘The Rachel’ 90s hairstyle which was BTW – the highest hairstyle request received from customers in salon centers back in the day – it’s still one of the most iconic cuts ever. We love how it frames the face and the bounciness gives life to the hair. Fans of Friends, do you agree?

3. The Outward Flip with Hair Jewels 

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Channel your inner Mary-Kate and Ashley’s signature 90s outward hairdo flip. Make it cute by accessorizing your hairdo with hair jewels!

4. Butterfly Clips 

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Anyone here misses these cute 90s butterfly clips? We certainly do! Wear it with multiple clips or just one just like Mila Kunis.

5. The Crimp

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This was the ‘it’ hairstyle back in the 90s. You can practically see every popular celebrity wearing this hairdo. All you need is a crimper! Make the look edgier by highlighting strands of hair in bold colours just like Christina Aguilera.
6. Space Buns 

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Space buns aka the Double Buns is a fun, youthful hairdo for every IT 90s girl – check out Britney Spears. This is totally rad!