Signs You’re In Love With A Psychopath

Sometimes, we fall so hopelessly in love that it takes away our common sense. No matter how much your partner hurts you, intentionally or unintentionally, you will always forgive and love him. That’s what partners for life do right? Here’s a catch – what if the guy you’re in love with turns out to be a complete psychopath?

Recently, there was a case where an ex-telco CEO was arrested for trespassing his ex-wife’s house. That was just the tip of the iceberg. For the past 15 years, his ex-wife had lodged police reports stating that he allegedly molested his own children.

We can’t confirm that these allegations are true at the moment as no new information has been released yet. However, ladies, let’s be safe and here are some signs to identify if your partner is indeed, a psychopath.

No doubt about it, he’s 100% Prince Charming most of the time…

but you didn’t find your happy ending. Somehow, something just isn’t right with your partner but you can’t tell exactly what it is. Once he has you hooked on his charm, he’ll slowly begin to withhold his love from you, and you won’t know what you did wrong. He may disappear for days at a time, and sometimes, you’ll start to see the cracks when he blurts out something like, “I’m crazy you know.” Here’s the thing… he may be telling you the truth. Run!

Your man is emotionally manipulative to his advantage

Empathy isn’t in his vocabulary. Although they may seem unintentional, his actions are always so carefully calculated to benefit him and bring you hurt. He is always trying to twist things around to make it seem like your fault. He makes you feel small, but at the same time, showers you with love, and it leaves you confused. That, my friend, is emotional manipulation.

There’s a fine line between roleplay and rape

Sex with a psychopath may be adventurous and exciting but please know that there’s a fine line between roleplay and rape. Sometimes, it seems exciting to be included in threesomes or other fun BDSM activities, but if you’re uncomfortable with it, you always have the right to say “No.” If it involves other people, make sure it’s consensual.

If you need help leaving a psychopath, here are some organizations in Malaysia you can get in touch with to help you out:

1. All Women’s Action Society (AWAM): 03-7877 4221

2. Women’s Aid Organization (WAO): +603 7956 3488

3. Women’s Centre For Change (WCC) Penang: 04-228 0342

If you’re reading this and your partner matches all the signs, we’re sorry, but someone had to tell you. What do you think are the signs of a psychopath? Let us know in the comments below.