How To Sell Your Pre-Loved Stuff On Likely’s Marketplace

Likely’s Marketplace has launched today! It is THE online platform for you to buy, sell, trade and gift your stuff – whether it’s new, vintage, or pre-loved.

Our girls have uploaded their stuff too – you can check out these gorgeous black stone earrings, crop tops and this Pandora bracelet.

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Likely is launching our very own Marketplace! It’s a platform for you to sell off your preloved items and make some extra cash 🤩 Make sure you keep an eye out this 1st October!

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So, are you tempted to sell your stuff too? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can make the very best of your stuff at our Marketplace!

1. Go to and click “submit ad”

2. Sign up for Likely’s Marketplace

If you don’t have an account with us yet, you can always sign up using your email address. Fill in your details appropriately.


3. Once you’ve signed up, click “submit ad” to upload your stuff

4. Fill in the details for your ad

Check out the “Ad Type” column, you can choose to sell or buy stuff from other users at the Marketplace.

5. Add images. The more, the merrier!

That way, potential buyers would know exactly what they’re getting. Pretty pictures make pretty stuff easier to sell.

6. Insert product description

Explain if your product is brand-new or pre-loved. If you’re not sure how to describe your product, you can just get the product description off the website/ store you bought it from. You can also mention why you’re buying this item.

7. Click “save ad”

Once you submit your product ad, it will be pending for approval from our marketplace personnel. If you’ve filled in your details right, it should be OK. You’re on your way to earning some extra cash thanks to your shopaholic habits!

8. You can check if your ad is live on your profile’s dashboard

Once it’s approved, you’re ready to start selling. Share your profile with your family, friends and followers. Who knows – maybe they’ll want your cool stuff.

No money? No problem! Now you can make extra cash by selling your brand-new stuff. Impulse buys still need some good lovin’ y’know.