How To Reduce Your Caffeine Addiction Without The Anxiety

Coffee basically makes the world go round. We find them brewing in the morning, get a cup before work, and the coffee industry is a multi-billion dollar one that won’t be seeing less revenue projections any time soon.

People who are addicted to caffeine often need their coffee. More often than not, when they don’t get their coffee, they become fatigued and they can’t function for the whole day. Their body needs the shot of coffee or Coke.

Sounds familiar? Maybe you’re a caffeine addict too. If you’d like to start cutting down, here’s how you can do it without experiencing withdrawal anxieties.

1. Set a bedtime

You’ll need at least eight hours of undisturbed sleep every night when you start cutting down. Limit screen time before bed, start meditating and infuse your humidifier with the scent of essential oils before you drift off into the best eight hours of your day.

2. If you need your coffee in the morning, get a small cup

Everything in moderation, babes. Get a small cup of coffee before 3PM every day so that it doesn’t disturb your body clock. That small cup will fulfil your cravings and give you a hint of satisfaction.

3. Find alternatives

Green tea is a healthy way to consume caffeine. It has antioxidants, which are great for your body, and contains just about half the amount of caffeine that’s in a regular cup of coffee. Dark chocolate is another wholesome source of caffeine. It’s yummy and healthy – which sounds just a little bit better than coffee.