How To Prep Your Lips For Your Next Makeout Sesh

When you’re in a relationship, simple dates can often turn out to become full-on makeout sessions that we simply can’t get enough of.

Of course, since it’s a date you’ll need to prep for it. And the one part that’s doing the most work is your lips.

It’s amazing how much girls do for their partners – we want to make sure they have the best makeout sesh ever, so why don’t we start by prepping our lips?

Moisturise well

The most kissable lips are moisturised thoroughly. Our lips may be dry because of dehydration and the air-conditioned environment. If you have lip flakes, don’t pick on them, even though it may be tempting to do so. Instead, reach for a lip balm in your stash. Choose a lip balm with moisturising agents like shea butter and Vitamin E. Slather a thick layer on overnight and let the moisture absorb into your lips. If you’re committed enough, get a lip mask too so you can wake up with soft, plump, kissable and makeout-ready lips.

Try using a lip plumper

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Do your lips have enough oomph yet? Use a lip plumper to bring some volume to your lips and make them look naturally plumper. Lip plumpers can have enhancing elements like mint, oils and Vitamin E to give your lips a more blessed appearance. Anything for kissable-looking lips, right?

Choose a long-lasting lipstick

Okay, since you’re gonna be making out, there’s no guarantee that your lipstick will stick anyway, whether it’s long-lasting or not. Just choose one that’s long-lasting and matte liquid, like Rimmel’s Stay Matte so it doesn’t get all over your partner’s face on the first kiss. Remember to reapply when you’re finally done. It’s also a good way to test out if your matte liquid lipsticks are as long-lasting as they claim to be. Even if they’re not, who’s to say no to sexy makeout time?