How To Make Dating Less Awkward When You’re Shy AF

Dating can be a little bit daunting, even if you’re the most confident person in the world. Sure, they can be romantic and fun, but first dates, especially, can be intimidating.

So it becomes extra nerve-wracking when you’re shy and introverted AF. Like, how am I supposed to carry a conversation with this person whom I like, but barely know?

Feeling shy is pretty normal, but being too shy can make a date seem awkward, even if you really like the guy. Here is how you can make the first and subsequent dates less awkward when you’re feeling shy AF.

If you’re an introvert, harness your ‘superpower’

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If you’re a shy introvert, remember that your superpower is interacting in one-on-one settings, which means that you’ll probably do reasonably well on your date. Pay attention to your date and let him speak, if you’re not so comfortable with talking yourself. Let him know that you’re feeling shy, but comfortable with him (be honest about it, of course!).

Plan an activity on your date

Skip the movie – even though it gives you something to talk about later, you want to get to know your date, and not how much he loves The Lion King. Instead, opt for dates where you both do an activity together, like a watercolour workshop. If your date is extroverted, have him take you on a hotpot adventure instead – somewhere that’s not too loud so you can be heard, but not too quiet so it’s less awkward.

Use your body language to flirt

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You may not be great at talking but body language says everything. If you feel comfortable with your date, lean into him to communicate that you’re interested. Let him hold your hand and lace your fingers around his. Run your fingers through your hair occasionally, just to get his attention. Of course, listen to him speak, and make appropriate responses as you get to know him.