How To Keep Your Hair Fresh & Grease-Free This CNY

One of the taboos for Chinese New Year is to not wash your hair on the first day of the lunar year. This is because in Chinese language, hair has the same pronunciation as wealth. Hence, washing your hair is often interpreted as “washing away one’s fortune”. This could be a huge nightmare for girls with super oily hair! How do you keep your hair fresh without having it fall flat and greasy on the New Year?

Fret not, with these grease-proof tips and tricks, you’ll be able to flip that bouncy, gorgeous hair just in time to see those nosy relatives. You know, they’re going to be judging on how you look like, so pay attention and keep scrolling!

1. Wash your hair in reverse 

For oily hair, you could try applying conditioner first then shampoo. The conditioner acts as a bandage over the hair, allowing it to protect your hair from the harsh cleansers in shampoos like sulfates, which can strip natural oils from the hair. This way, your hair will still get all the moisturising goodness from the conditioner.

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2. Don’t over brush 

When you brush your hair, it distributes the natural oils formed at the roots, making your strands look oily. Sure, regularly brushing your hair is a must but doing too often can stimulate excessive oil production, which is a bad thing for girls with oily hair. Brush it once, then don’t touch it again.

3. Seriously, don’t touch your hair 

We love running our fingers through our hair. It’s a habit! Especially when that cute guy keep looking at you or when your hair goes crazy after a windy day. But get this, one of the reason for your hair to get oily fast, is because of all that touching! When you touch your hair, all the oils and dirt from your hands can be transferred to your hair. If it bothers you, tie your hair into a knot to keep safe till CNY day.

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4. Use dry shampoo

There’s always dry shampoo to save the day! It’ll help soak up the extra oils and leave your hair smelling fresh and clean. But remember to not over do it as it could possibly clog your scalp’s pores. Be sure to not touch your hair even after applying dry shampoo, as it’ll only make your hair greasy again.

5. Change your pillowcase 

Oily and dirty pillow will make your hair greasy too, especially if you’re sleeping on the same pillowcase for weeks with greasy hair. Keep your hair fresh for a couple of days by getting rid of all the dirt that could be stuck on your pillowcase. But if that’s too much of work, just change your pillowcase. After all, you should be using something new for CNY!


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6. Do the “No-Poo” and herbal rinse 

That means no-shampoo! Most shampoos actually strip the sebum off your hair. Sebum is the natural oil produced by sebaceous glands to condition and protect the strands. But when it’s completely washed away, the glands would produce even more sebum to protect the strands. Give your hair a break and do the “herbal rinse” method instead. This gives your hair a deeper cleanse while enriching your natural colour, soothe irritation, avoid dandruff as well as stimulate the scalp to increase hair growth.

Try the lemon and mint rinse which is perfect for oily hair. Lemon is great to be used on oily hair because of its astringent and tonic properties. Meanwhile, mint can help to increase blood flow as well as refresh the hair and scalp.

You’ll need :

  •  1 teaspoon lemon/lime peel
  • 1 tablespoon fresh mint leaves or 1/2 tablespoon dried leaves
  • 2 cups water

Then, combine the herbs with water in a stainless-steel pan and bring to boil using low flame for 2 to 3 minutes. Leave to cool, strain out the herbs – and it’s ready for you to use!