4 Ways To Hide A Love Bite Before Your Boss Sees It

Love bites feel so good and passionate when you’re getting (or giving) it – but the aftermath? We’re not feeling it so much.

A love bite usually bruises in all the wrong places and happens when it’s not supposed to. You don’t realize it because you’d be too busy getting bitten but still… TMI, people!

Maybe you’re reading this because it’s a bad hickey day – either way, we’re here to help you get rid of the evidence.

1. Use a cold spoon

If your love bite is a fresh one that’s throbbing in the heat of your partner’s vampiric actions, you’ll need to get a cold spoon and place it onto the skin of your hickey. It may feel weird but trust the process. The cool feeling will help minimize blood vessels and lessen the redness on your skin.

2. Aloe vera

This cult favourite plant has healing properties to reduce inflammation, swelling, and heal the skin around your hickey. A simple layer of aloe vera gel can keep your wound from swelling up. It won’t magically disappear – but at least it’ll be a week or so before you can wear low cut dresses again if you’re one to feel awkward about it.

3. Conceal, conceal, conceal

When you’ve got an unsightly love bite saying “hello” to the world at your professional expense, concealer like L’Oreal True Match will be your best friend. Apply an even layer of concealer (and foundation, if you will) onto the wound and blend it together with your skin tone. Draw attention to your face with glamorous, Instagram-worthy makeup too. We promise nobody will notice a thing!

4. Apply Vitamin C cream


In the process of healing, Vitamin C cream like SKIN & LAB Dr. Vita Clinic C Plus Brightening will be super helpful in collagen production and brightening your skin. This way, your skin will heal quickly from the love bite. Like with aloe vera, you can’t expect it to disappear overnight but it works when you need it too, especially if you don’t want to keep applying concealer onto other parts of your body.