How To Handle Busybody Questions At Family Gatherings

It’s the holidays! With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, there’s bound to be a whole lot of family gatherings. It’s not that you hate seeing your far, far relatives who only show face during the festive season but because they ask questions – questions that are none of their business.

Here’s how you can avoid the awkwardness during this nosy Q&A sesh for every situation.

Situation #1 You’re single and your fam won’t stop asking when are you finally getting a partner 

Answer: Let them straight up that there’s no need for you to get with someone just because it’s the holiday season. You’re happy with how things are. Plus, you don’t want JUST ANY GUY – you’re too old for that sh*t!

Situation #2 Your family is obsessed with setting you up with a stranger 

Well, if you’re cool with it, go ahead! You never know anyway, right? But if you hate it, set some healthy boundaries. Let them know how much you appreciate them “helping” your single life out but be firm on the fact that you’re beginning to feel the pain and pressure of having the “need” to be in a relationship.

Situation #3 When everyone keeps asking you when are you getting married 

This is the worst possible question that is unavoidable. You just know they’re coming for you! If you’re really not comfortable with it, let them know and change the topic. If they keep on asking, be the bigger person by leaving the room calmly. But if you’re brutal, you can say, “Will you be paying for MY wedding?” *SMIRKS

Situation #4 Your family is asking about the breakup details 

Talking about your ex – especially if it ended in a bad way is unpleasantly awkward! Thank your family for caring but also let them know that it’s hurting you even more. If they still persist because they’re ‘kepochi’ (nosy) like that, ignore their questions. Hopefully, they’ll take the hint!